2023/2024 AFCON Semi-Final Fixtures is on 7th Feb: Confirmed

As the African Cup of Nations progresses to the top 4 teams, the fixtures for the 2023/2024 AFCON Semi-Finals have been determined based on the success of the participating national football teams.

The schedule for the subsequent Final Fixtures will be formally confirmed in due course.


AFCON Semi-Final Fixtures:

To be played on 7th February 2024. it is as;

Nigeria vs South Africa: Kickoff at 17:00 UTC

Ivory Coast vs Congo DR: Kickoff at 20:00 UTC


2023/2024 AFCON Quarter-Final Fixtures and Results

02 Feb 2024 17:00 UTC Angola Nigeria 0 – 1
02 Feb 2024 20:00 UTC Congo DR Guinea 3 – 1
03 Feb 2024 17:00 UTC Mali Côte d’Ivoire 1 – 2
03 Feb 2024 20:00 UTC Cape Verde South Africa 0 – 0 P(1 – 2)


Africa Cup of Nations 2023 Season Overview

In the World’s Africa Cup of Nations 2023 season, a total of 24 teams are actively participating, engaging in a total of 52 matches. As of February 4, 2024, 44 matches have already been played.

Attacking Statistics

In the realm of scoring, a cumulative total of 105 goals has been netted, averaging 2.39 goals per match. Gelson stands out as the top scorer in the Africa Cup of Nations, having scored 2 goals. Among the competing teams, Angola leads the charts with an impressive 9 goals. Fredy takes the title for the player with the highest number of assists this season, contributing 2 assists.

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Defensive Performances

On the defensive front, Cameroon holds the record for the most conceded goals, having let in 8 goals. In contrast, Nigeria boasts the best clean sheets record, securing 3 clean sheets. The goalkeeper with the most clean sheets is Stanley Bobo Nwabali, with an impressive total of 3.

Disciplinary Actions

The tournament has witnessed a total of 149 yellow cards, averaging 3.39 yellow cards per match. Red cards have been relatively scarce, totaling 5 (0.11 per match). Additionally, yellow-red cards have been brandished 4 times, averaging 0.09 per match. The disciplinary statistics highlight the intensity and competitive nature of the Africa Cup of Nations.

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