Angola vs Namibia lineups, live score 27/01/2024 AFCON

Follow the starting Lineups for Angola National Football Team vs Namibia National Football Team and Live Match Score Results, AFCON 2023 Top 16. View the confirmed and predicted lineup for each team before the kickoff.

Match info: Today on January 27, Angola is to play against Namibia in the Playoffs of the Africa Nations Cup. The match will kick off 17:00 UTC.


Angola vs Namibia National Football Team lineups, live score

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Predicted Angola vs Namibia National Football Team Lineups

We are providing real-time updates on team formations and line-ups for the Angola vs. Namibia match. The starting line-ups for both teams are yet to be revealed.

Potential Starting XI for Angola:

  1. Neblu
  2. To Carneiro
  3. Kinito
  4. Kialonda Gaspar
  5. Eddie Afonso
  6. Fredy
  7. Valdmiro Tualungo
  8. Bruno Paz
  9. Gilberto
  10. Job Mabululu
  11. Gelson Dala

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Potential Starting XI for Namibia:

  1. Lloyd Kazapua
  2. Riaan Hanamub
  3. Lubeni Haukongo
  4. Kennedy Amutenya
  5. Ivan Kamberipa
  6. Deon Hotto
  7. Aprocious Petrus
  8. Ngero Katua
  9. Bethuel Muzeu
  10. Peter Shalulile
  11. Prins Tjiueza

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Recent Form: Angola vs Namibia National Football Team

Angola is currently enjoying a winning streak, securing victories against Burkina Faso and Mauritania in their last two matches. In contrast, Namibia played to a draw against Mali in their most recent game. Looking at the broader picture, Angola has won 7 out of their last 20 matches, with 3 losses and 10 draws. Meanwhile, Namibia has won 5 of their last 20 matches, suffered 7 losses, and recorded 8 draws.

Angola’s recent six matches include three victories (2-0 against Burkina Faso on January 23rd, 2-3 against Mauritania on January 20th, and 0-3 against Bahrain on January 10th) and three draws (1-1 against Algeria on January 15th, 0-0 against DR Congo on January 6th, and 0-0 against Mauritius on November 21st).

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Namibia’s last six matches comprise two wins (0-1 against Tunisia on January 16th and 0-2 against Sao Tome on November 21st), two losses (4-0 against South Africa on January 21st and 1-0 against Equatorial Guinea on November 15th), and two draws (0-0 against Mali on January 24th and 0-0 against Ghana on January 8th).


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