2023/2024 Polokwane City Players: Team Squad

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2023/2024 Polokwane City Players: Team Squad

Are you ready for the newest lineup of Polokwane City players? With the 2023/2024 season fast approaching, anticipation is high as fans eagerly await to see their favorite team take on new challenges. This year’s squad is full of fresh faces and experienced veterans, all eager to hit the pitch and show off their skills. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to each member of Polokwane City’s team, from goalkeepers to forwards. So sit back, grab a drink and let’s dive into what promises to be an exciting season ahead!


The goalkeeper is the backbone of any team, and Polokwane City’s squad has some impressive players in this position. The first-choice keeper for the upcoming season is expected to be Bongani Mayosi, who has been with the club for three years now. Mayosi brings a wealth of experience and skill to the team, having played in some high-pressure situations throughout his career.

Backing up Mayosi will be two young keepers who are eager to make their mark on the team: Sipho Mthembu and Thabo Shabalala. Both keepers have shown great potential during training sessions and have impressed coaches with their agility and reflexes.

Polokwane City’s goalkeepers will play a crucial role in keeping opponents at bay throughout the season, as they look to build on last year’s solid defensive performance. With such strong talent between the posts, fans can expect fireworks from these players as they work together to protect their net!


The defensive line of the Polokwane City team is truly a force to be reckoned with. With a combination of experience and raw talent, this group of players has been instrumental in maintaining balance on the field during crucial matches.

One standout feature about these defenders is their adaptability. They quickly adjust to different playing styles and formations, making it difficult for opposing teams to break through their lines.

Their communication skills are top-notch as well. The backline operates like a well-oiled machine, anticipating each other’s movements and seamlessly covering any gaps that may appear.

Moreover, aerial duels have become one of their strong suits. These defenders have consistently shown great prowess in winning headers both defensively and offensively – an essential trait for set-piece situations.

Tackling remains an integral part of any defender’s game plan. In this department too, the Polokwane City squad does not disappoint; demonstrating aggression when needed while always ensuring fair play prevails on the pitch.

With such an impressive array of attributes under their belt, there’s no doubt that the 2023/2024 defensive lineup will continue to make waves in South African football circles.


The midfield is often referred to as the engine room of a football team. And for Polokwane City, they have some exciting and dynamic players who can control and dictate the pace of any game.

First up is Jabulani Maluleke, a club legend who has been with the team for over a decade. Known for his sublime passing ability, he will be crucial in linking defense to attack.

Another midfielder to watch out for is Sibusiso Hlubi. He joined Polokwane City last season and had an impressive debut campaign. With his work rate both on and off the ball, he could provide much-needed energy in midfield.

Then there’s Wiseman Maluleke, known for his versatility across different positions in midfield. His tenacity could prove vital in breaking down opposition attacks while also contributing going forward.

And finally, Salulani Phiri could be another key player this season. The Zambian international possesses excellent dribbling skills and has an eye for goal too.

Polokwane City’s midfield options look promising ahead of the new season. If they can gel together quickly under coach Clinton Larsen’s tactics, they could cause problems for many teams this year!


Forwards are the players who carry the responsibility of scoring goals for Polokwane City. It is a crucial position that requires high levels of precision, agility and speed on the field. Luckily, Polokwane city has some promising forwards in their squad for 2023/2024 season.

One of them is Sipho Mbulelo – a South African youngster who made his way through the ranks from academy level to be part of the first team at Polokwane City. He has showcased impressive ball control skills along with excellent vision on the field – making him one to watch out for in seasons to come.

Another forward worth mentioning is Abubakar Aliyu from Nigeria, whose ability to score under pressure makes him an asset for any team. His quick thinking and reflexes make him difficult to defend against while his physicality allows him to hold off defenders with ease.

We have Tawanda Chikore from Zimbabwe, who knows how important it is to create chances while playing upfront. With his explosive pace and dribbling abilities he can easily get past defenders creating opportunities not only for himself but also for teammates.

Polokwane City’s forwards have demonstrated excellent skill sets that will bring in success this upcoming season if they can work cohesively as a unit on-field!

The Manager’s Tactics

The Manager’s Tactics are the key to success for any football team. Polokwane City has a new manager on board, and he is determined to take the team to greater heights. The tactics of the manager are based on attacking play, with quick passes and aggressive pressing.

The midfielders have an important role in this system, as they need to create space for the forwards while also defending when necessary. The defenders also need to be quick and agile, as they will often be pushed up into midfield during attacks.

Polokwane City’s style of play is exciting and thrilling for fans who love fast-paced action. However, it can also be risky at times, especially when playing against strong opponents.

The manager knows that his tactics will take time to master but believes that with hard work and dedication from his players, they can achieve their goals. He constantly motivates them by reminding them of their potential and what they are capable of achieving together as a team.

Polokwane City’s Manager Tactics show great promise for the future of the club. With careful planning and execution on match days combined with teamwork by all involved parties including coaches technical staffs et al., there is no doubt that this season we’ll see some results emerging from Polokwane City Squad!

The Road to the Polokwane City Squad

The 2023/2024 Polokwane City squad is shaping up to be a formidable force in the South African football league. With talented goalkeepers, solid defenders, creative midfielders and skilled forwards all working together under the guidance of an experienced manager with his own unique tactics, this team has everything it needs to succeed.

But how did these players come together? What was their journey like on the road to becoming part of this impressive squad?

There’s no doubt that each player had their own unique journey, full of hard work and dedication. Some may have started playing football at a young age while others might have discovered their passion for the game later in life. But what they all share is a determination to succeed and make it onto one of South Africa’s top teams.

From rigorous training sessions to intense trials and matches against tough opponents, these players faced many challenges along the way. But through perseverance and teamwork, they were able to overcome these obstacles and make it onto the Polokwane City squad.

As fans eagerly anticipate watching these talented players take on their rivals on the pitch, there’s no doubt that each member of this team will continue working hard every day in order to achieve greatness both individually and as part of this exciting new squad. The road may have been long but every step was worth it for these dedicated athletes who are now ready for whatever lies ahead in the upcoming season!

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