Al Ahli Benghazi vs Enyimba: Lineup And Preview Prior 20/08/2023

As we prepare for an explosive match between two powerhouses in Africa preview of Al Ahli Benghazi vs Enyimba, slated for 20/08/2023.

As we prepare for an explosive match between two powerhouses in African football, let’s delve into a comprehensive preview of Al Ahli Benghazi vs Enyimba F.C, slated for 20/08/2023. This CAF Champions league match is expected to play at Martyrs of February Stadium time in Nigeria will be 1800 and in Lybia 1900.

The match promises loads of excitement and breathtaking moments of football. In this piece, we’ll offer an in-depth look at the teams’ lineup and a detailed preview of the match.

Al Ahli Benghazi, the pride of Libyan football, will be hoping to solidify their standing in this competition. Known for their tactical discipline and aggressive attacking style, they’re a team that never shy away from a challenge. The Benghazi-based team has a formidable lineup, which we will discuss in detail below.

On the other side of the field, we have Enyimba. The Nigerian giants are no strangers to the African football stage. They bring a vibrant, energetic style of play and a lineup brimming with talent. Their strategy, as always, will be a fascinating aspect to watch.

Every game is a new opportunity. It’s a chance to put our best foot forward and show what we’re capable of. – Anonymous Football Coach

In the upcoming sections, we’ll dissect the teams’ strategies, strengths, and potential challenges. We’ll also highlight key players from both teams, who could turn the tide of the match. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual football lover, read on to get the full scoop on Al Ahli Benghazi vs Enyimba.

Al Ahli Benghazi’s Starting Lineup and Strategy

Al Ahli Benghazi, Libya’s top-flight club, has a formidable lineup. Their strategy can be described as defensively solid, often capitalizing on counter-attacks to score goals. This style of play has served them well in recent matches, and it will be interesting to see how it fares against Enyimba’s aggressive attacking formation.

Key Players: Al Ahli Benghazi

  1. Ali Alqmati: As the team’s central midfielder, Ali Alqmati’s role is pivotal. His precise passing and control in the middle of the park could set the tone for Al Ahli Benghazi.
  2. Aboubakr Meeld: Meeld, the team’s rock-solid defender, will be crucial in warding off Enyimba’s attacks. His aerial prowess and tackling skill could prove decisive in this match.

Enyimba’s Starting Lineup and Strategy

Enyimba, one of Nigeria’s most decorated clubs, boasts a strong and dynamic lineup. Their strategy is centered around a high-pressing game, aimed at exploiting any defensive loopholes. With a reputation for their attacking prowess, Enyimba will undoubtedly look to control the game from the outset.

Key Players: Enyimba

  1. Samuel Lucio Kalu: Enyimba’s dynamic winger/attack, Kalu has been instrumental in their recent successes. His speed and dribbling abilities could pose a serious threat to Al Ahli Benghazi’s defense.
  2. John Noble: As Enyimba’s first-choice goalkeeper, Noble’s performance will be key. His shot-stopping abilities and command in the box could be crucial for Enyimba’s defensive stability.

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Predicted Starting Eleven

As we inch closer to the thrilling encounter between Al Ahli Benghazi and Enyimba, there’s a bubbling anticipation about who will make it to the starting eleven. The line-up is always a crucial factor, often determining the ebb and flow of the game. So, let’s take a look at the potential starting eleven for both sides.

Al Ahli Benghazi

Al Ahli Benghazi, a formidable force in their league, is expected to field a strong squad. They have been in great form recently and the manager would likely want to maintain the winning momentum. Here’s the possible starting eleven:

  1. Goalkeeper: Murad Al Woheshi
  2. Defender: Aboubakr Meeld
  3. Defender: Ahmed M Ramadan
  4. Defender: Hamed Abdulgader
  5. Defender: Mohammed Altawirghi
  6. Midfielder: Ali Alqmati
  7. Midfielder: Abdallah A Alshaafi
  8. Midfielder: Mohamed Fathe
  9. Midfielder: Omar Alabeedi
  10. Forward: Taha Qadri Atiyah
  11. Forward: Ousmane Doumbia


On the other side, the Nigerian giants Enyimba is not to be taken lightly. They have a deep squad with a great blend of youth and experience. Here’s their predicted starting eleven:

  1. Goalkeeper: John Noble
  2. Right Back: Timothy Danladi
  3. Center Back: Imo Obot
  4. Center Back: Pascal Eze
  5. Left Back: Adekunle Adeleke
  6. Defensive Midfield: Dayo Ojo
  7. Right Midfield: Mbaoma Chijioke
  8. Center Midfield: Ikenna Cooper
  9. Left Midfield: Chibuike Nwaiwu
  10. Forward: Chukwuemeka Obioma
  11. Forward: Samuel Lucio Kalu

Please note, these are predicted lineups and actual teams may vary as coaches will make last-minute decisions based on the players’ fitness and strategy. Nevertheless, the clash promises to be an exciting one, with both teams eager to assert their dominance and progress forward in the competition.

The Teams’ Recent Form

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Let’s take a closer look at the recent performances of both teams. The form of a team is a key factor that could have a significant impact on the outcome of a match.

Al Ahli Benghazi

Al Ahli Benghazi has shown some impressive form lately. In their last five matches, they have recorded:

  • Three wins
  • One draw
  • One loss

This indicates a team that is finding its feet and beginning to convert its performances into valuable points. Their most notable victory came against their local rivals, testament to their growing strength and resilience.

“Al Ahli Benghazi’s recent form has demonstrated a team that is growing in confidence and ready to take on any opposition.”


On the other hand, Enyimba has been somewhat inconsistent in their recent games. This is how they fared in their last five matches:

  1. Two wins
  2. Three draws

Despite the fluctuating form, the team has demonstrated their potential in patches, especially during their convincing win against a top-tier team. That said, Enyimba will be looking to find more consistency as they approach their match against Al Ahli Benghazi.

“Despite their inconsistent form, Enyimba has the potential to pose a strong challenge for Al Ahli Benghazi, provided they bring their A-game to the pitch.”

Predicted Match Dynamics

The match is expected to be a tactical battle. With Al Ahli Benghazi’s defensive solidity and Enyimba’s attacking prowess, fans can look forward to an exciting clash. Will Al Ahli Benghazi’s counter-attack strategy overcome Enyimba’s high press? Or will Enyimba’s offensive strength overpower Al Ahli Benghazi’s defense? Only time will tell.

Remember, football is unpredictable and anything can happen. Make sure you’re tuned in on the 20th of August to witness this thrilling encounter.


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