Chambishi vs Buildcon Lineup, Results Live Score 03/06/2023

Chambishi vs Buildcon Lineup, Results Live Score 03/06/2023

On you will get updates on Chambishi vs Buildcon starting lineup and results live score for this Zambia Super League 2022/2023 last game for both teams.

With both teams bringing their best players to the field, we can expect nothing short of an intense battle for victory. So, mark your calendars and make sure not to miss out on this epic clash between two top-tier teams. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at each team’s lineup and provide live updates on the score as the game progresses. Let’s dive in!

Chambishi vs Buildcon: Starting Lineup And Results Live Score

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Key Players in the Chambishi lineup

Chambishi is a team that’s known for its impressive lineup, and their key players are no exception.

First on the list is striker Chipili Mungule, who has been in top form this season with his exceptional ball control and finishing skills. He’s definitely one to watch out for in this match, as he could easily turn the game around with his quick reflexes.

Another player to keep an eye on is midfielder Godfrey Chibanga, who plays a crucial role in setting up Chambishi’s attacks. With his precise passing and great vision on the field, he can create scoring opportunities out of seemingly impossible situations.

International Defender Patience Ikamba is also worth mentioning as one of Chambishi’s standout players. His solid defensive skills coupled with his ability to initiate counter-attacks make him an asset to the team.

Last but not least, goalkeeper Menard Mhango will be guarding Chambishi’s goalpost against Buildcon’s attacks. Known for his lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable decision-making under pressure, he’ll be instrumental in keeping Chambishi ahead in this game.

Buildcon lineup Key Players

Buildcon FC is a Zambian professional football club based in Ndola. They have some of the most talented players who are capable of taking on any team that comes their way. Here are some key players to watch out for in Buildcon Ndola lineup for the upcoming match against Chambishi.

First up, we have Issac Phiri, a midfielder with exceptional passing skills and an eye for goal. He has been instrumental in many of Buildcon’s victories this season and will be looking to make his mark once again.

Next, there is Jonathan Manongo, a striker known for his pace and finishing abilities. He has scored several crucial goals throughout the season and will be hoping to add more to his tally in this match.

In defense, Buildcon relies heavily on the experience and leadership qualities of the international Central back Kanamulali Kapilamba. His ability to read the game well and make timely interceptions makes him an important player for the team.

Goalkeeper Benson Mwale is also a vital member of Buildcon’s squad. His shot-stopping abilities have saved them from conceding numerous goals this season and he will play a crucial role in keeping Chambishi at bay.

With such talented players at their disposal, it won’t be easy for Chambishi FC to break down Buildcon’s defense or keep them from scoring goals themselves.

Chambishi vs Buildcon Match Preview

As the kickoff approaches, Chambishi and Buildcon fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite players in action. Both teams have talented players who can turn the game around at any moment. The match is expected to be intense, with both teams determined to take home all three points.

Chambishi has a decent record against Buildcon but form goes out of the window in such matches. They will need all their experience and skills to win this match, especially against a well-organized team like Buildcon. On the other hand, Buildcon will be looking forward to continuing their winning streak and maintain their position on top of the table.

This match promises excitement for football lovers across Zambia as two great teams battle it out on 03/06/2023. It’s going to be an exciting clash between two sides that are filled with quality players capable of producing moments of magic that could change the outcome of the game in just a few seconds!

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