Forest Rangers vs Kabwe Warriors Live Score, Lineup | 20/08/2023

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Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the starting lineup for Forest Rangers vs Kabwe Warriors and results in Live Match Score.

Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup for Forest Rangers vs Kabwe Warriors as well as the results updated in the Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: At 15:00, the Super League match between Forest Rangers and Kabwe Warriors will begin on August 20, 2023, at Kitwe / Venue: Nkana Stadium.


Forest Rangers vs Kabwe Warriors H2H History:

In their 27 previous meetings, Forest Rangers and Kabwe Warriors had a relatively good head-to-head record, with Forest Rangers winning 9 games and Kabwe Warriors taking home 9 victories. Nine of the games were draws.

In head-to-head matches, Kabwe Warriors managed to score 25 goals whereas Forest Rangers only managed to score 25.
When comparing recent encounters between Forest Rangers and Kabwe Warriors, Forest Rangers holds a 2-0 advantage in the straight encounters.


Line-Up with Live score

Below is the Starting Lineup For Forest Rangers vs Kabwe Warriors, as well as commentary, events, and live score.


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Forest Rangers Lineup Key Players:

The starting lineup for Forest Rangers’ upcoming game against KABWE Warriors is strong. Let’s look at some of their major players that might contribute on the field.

Amenu Moro, a striker who was in good form last season and is poised to score several important goals, is first up. He will try to increase his total and aid Forest Rangers in winning.

Clifford Mulenga is another key player to keep an eye on in the midfield. He can create opportunities out of nothing, and his passing and field vision are unmatched. When he plays with Benson Kolala, he exudes confidence.


Masauso Zimba is one of the top performer for Forest Rangers on defense. He has a commanding presence at the back, is powerful in the air, and has excellent game reading skills. If they are to defeat their opponents, they will need him to play at the top of his game.

With talented players on every line, Forest Rangers have a well-rounded group. As both teams compete for three crucial points in today’s match, it should be an interesting contest between two evenly matched sides.


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Kabwe Warriors lineup key players

One of the top football teams in Zambia, Kabwe Warriors, boasts a strong squad of star players who have contributed significantly to their success thus far this year. The club has a number of talented and seasoned players that can swing the game in their favor.

Tinklar Sinkala is one of the most notable players for the Kabwe Warriors. He excels at supporting his teammates as an offensive midfielder and has superb ball-control abilities. He is also renowned for his capacity to help his team score goals.

Goalkeeper Alhassani Fatao Dida is another important member of the Kabwe Warriors lineup. He is a dangerous opponent between the posts thanks to his agility and fast reflexes, which ensure that very few shots get past him.

Bekai Selasie’s presence in Kabwe Warrior’s front line also gives them an advantage thanks to his quick dashes down the field and accurate shooting, which frequently results in goals.

Along with these three standout players, Kabwe Warrior also has other essential players like Dominic Chanda, a strong defender with excellent defensive skills, who will considerably improve Kabwe Warrior’s overall performance in games.


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