From Pitchside to Concessions: The Ins and Outs of St Mary’s Stadium, Your Ultimate Guide

From Pitchside to Concessions: The Ins and Outs of St Mary's Stadium, Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to St Mary’s Stadium, the home of Southampton Football Club. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a first-time visitor, this blog post will take you on a journey through the ins and outs of one of England’s most iconic stadiums. From its rich history to its state-of-the-art facilities, we’ve got everything covered – including what to eat! So sit back, relax, and discover all there is to know about St Mary’s Stadium. Are you ready? Let’s kick-off!



St Mary’s Stadium has a rich and fascinating history that stretches back over 100 years. The stadium is located in Southampton, on the south coast of England, and it has been the home ground of Southampton Football Club since it opened its doors in August 2001.

Before St Mary’s was built, however, Saints played their home games at The Dell for nearly a century. But as time went by, The Dell became outdated and cramped for fans. This prompted the club to search for a new location to build a modern stadium that could accommodate more supporters.

After several years of planning and construction work, St Mary’s Stadium finally opened its doors in time for the start of the 2001/02 football season. Since then, it has hosted numerous important matches including FA Cup semi-finals and international fixtures.

One of the unique features of St Mary’s is its incorporation into an overall development scheme which includes housing apartments adjacent to one side; this allows fan engagement before or after matches with local residents and businesses adding value to match day experience.

There are many reasons why St Mary’s Stadium holds such an important place in English football history – from its innovative design to its status as one of England’s premier sporting venues – making each visit unforgettable!


Location for the St Mary’s Stadium

St Mary’s Stadium is located in the heart of Southampton, a vibrant city on the south coast of England(Go on map). It sits just a stone’s throw away from the River Itchen and boasts stunning views over the water.

The stadium is situated in an area known as Northam, which is rich in history and culture. Visitors to St Mary’s will find themselves surrounded by traditional pubs, lively bars and restaurants serving up delicious local cuisine.

Getting to St Mary’s Stadium couldn’t be easier – it has excellent transport links via road, rail and air. For those travelling by car, there are several large car parks situated close to the stadium that offer plenty of spaces for matchday visitors. If you’re coming by train, Southampton Central Station is just a short walk away from St Mary’s – perfect for those arriving from London or other parts of southern England.

The location of St Mary’s Stadium makes it an ideal destination for football fans looking to experience all that this historic city has to offer.


Getting There and Parking

Getting to St Mary’s Stadium is easy and convenient, no matter how you choose to travel. The stadium is located in the heart of Southampton, making it easily accessible by car or public transport.

If you’re driving to the game, there are several parking options available on match days. The club offers a variety of parking facilities for fans, with prices ranging from £5-£15 depending on the location of the lot. It’s important to note that parking at St Mary’s can be limited and fills up quickly on busy match days.

For those who prefer public transportation, there are several options available as well. Southampton Central Railway Station is just a short walk from the stadium, and there are also regular bus services running throughout the city.

In addition to these traditional modes of transportation, St Mary’s Stadium also encourages sustainable travel options such as cycling or walking. There are dedicated bike racks around the ground for cyclists and pedestrian routes clearly marked out for those choosing to walk.

Getting to St Mary’s Stadium is quick and easy regardless of your preferred mode of transportation. Just plan ahead and arrive early if possible!

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Stadium Tours

If you’re a true fan of sports, there’s nothing quite like getting to explore the inner workings of your favorite stadium. That’s where stadium tours come in! At St Mary’s Stadium, visitors can take part in a guided tour that will give them behind-the-scenes access to areas that are typically off-limits on match day.

The tour starts at the heart of the stadium – the pitchside area. You’ll get to walk onto the hallowed turf and experience what it feels like for players during their pre-match warmups. The knowledgeable guides will share fascinating insights about how the grounds team keep this world-class playing surface looking so pristine.

Next, you’ll visit some of the more exclusive areas of St Mary’s Stadium such as executive boxes and suites where VIP guests enjoy hospitality during matches. You might even catch a glimpse inside Saints’ dressing room or see where media interviews take place after games.

As well as seeing how St Mary’s operates on match day, visitors will learn about its history and development over time from when it was first built back in 2001 until now with recent renovations completed just last year.

Taking part in a stadium tour is an unforgettable way to see St Mary’s through new eyes and would be an essential experience for any football fan visiting Southampton!


Matchday Experience

Matchday Experience at St Mary’s Stadium is a must for any football fan. From the moment you step into the stadium, you’ll feel the excitement and anticipation building up. The atmosphere is electric, with fans singing and chanting in support of their team.

Before the game starts, there are plenty of things to do around the stadium. You can grab a bite to eat or drink from one of several food outlets or bars located inside St Mary’s Stadium. There are also various merchandise stalls where you can buy souvenirs to show your support for your favorite team.

Once you take your seat, it’s time to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the game. The view from every seat in St Mary’s Stadium is excellent, so no matter where you sit, you’re sure to have a great view of all the action on the pitch.

Throughout the match, expect lots of cheering and shouting as fans get behind their teams. With thousands of supporters packed into this 32k-capacity venue when Southampton play against other Premier League clubs like Manchester United or Liverpool Football Club – it creates an unforgettable experience that will leave any sports lover wanting more!

Matchday Experience at St Mary’s Stadium offers something for everyone with its lively atmosphere and variety of activities available before kick-off until after full-time!


What to Eat at St Mary’s Stadium?

At St Mary’s Stadium, you won’t be left hungry during the match as there are plenty of food options available to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack, or a full meal, there is something for everyone.

For those who prefer traditional stadium food, hot dogs and burgers are readily available at various concession stands throughout the stadium. However, if you’re in the mood for something different, why not try some delicious Thai cuisine from one of the street vendors? The green curry chicken is definitely worth a try!

If you have a sweet tooth and need something to munch on during half-time then head over to one of the candy floss stalls where fresh spun sugar awaits! Or perhaps try some freshly baked cookies instead?

For those who want to indulge in more sophisticated tastes, seafood paella is also on offer which comes highly recommended. Additionally, vegetarian and vegan options such as falafel wraps can be found too – catering for all dietary requirements.

With so many options available it’s no wonder fans keep coming back for more!


Other Events at St Mary’s Stadium

St Mary’s Stadium isn’t just for football matches, it also hosts a range of other events throughout the year. From live music concerts to corporate conferences, St Mary’s has everything you need to ensure your event is a success.

The stadium boasts state-of-the-art facilities and can cater for events of all sizes. Whether you’re hosting a small business meeting or a large-scale concert, St Mary’s can provide the perfect setting.

One popular event held at the stadium is charity runs. The spacious grounds surrounding St Mary’s make it an ideal location for these types of events. Participants can enjoy running through picturesque scenery while raising money for their chosen charity.

In addition to this, St Mary’s also hosts weddings and private parties. Imagine saying your vows with the stunning backdrop of the pitch behind you or dancing the night away in one of the luxurious suites overlooking the stadium.

Whether you’re looking to host a big event or simply attend one as a spectator, St Mary’s Stadium has something for everyone all year round.


Exploring the Fan Experience at St Mary’s Stadium

As a fan attending an event at St Mary’s Stadium, you can expect to have a fantastic experience. From the moment you arrive until the final whistle blows, there is always something exciting happening. Whether it’s watching your favorite team play or enjoying delicious food and drinks at one of the many concession stands, St Mary’s Stadium has everything you need for an unforgettable day.

But what truly sets this stadium apart from others is its dedication to creating a memorable fan experience. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone who walks through its gates feels welcome and valued. With excellent amenities like comfortable seating, clean facilities, and top-notch security measures in place, fans can relax knowing they are well taken care of.

So if you’re looking for a great venue to catch a game or enjoy other events in Southampton city center area – look no further than St Mary’s Stadium! Its convenient location combined with outstanding service make it the perfect destination for any sports enthusiast or concert-goer alike.

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