Jeunesse Esch vs Swift Hesperange lineups 14/05/2023

Jeunesse Esch vs Swift Hesperange lineups

Comparing the best starting lineups on both teams? Check out the Jeunesse Esch vs Swift Hesperange lineups and also kickoff news concerning the match.

This season, Jeunesse Esch played one match against Swift Hesperange. Currently, Jeunesse Esch rank 8th, while Swift Hesperange is ranked first.

Jeunesse Esch vs Swift Hesperange

Jeunesse Esch vs Swift Hesperange lineups

In the Division Nationale, Jeunesse Esch will face Swift Hesperange on 14 May 2023 at 14:00 UTC.

Jeunesse Esch vs Swift Hesperange lineups

The confirmed starting lineup for Jeunesse Esch vs starting lineup for Swift Hesperange are out just an hour before the match. Read on to discover our analysis of the team’s squad and the fitness status of the players.

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Players currently playing for Jeunesse Esch:

  1. David Soares De Sousa
  2. Andrea Deidda
  3. Milos Todorovic
  4. David Mendes
  5. Ahmed Mogni
  6. Almir Klica
  7. Luca Duriatti
  8. Alexandre Arenate
  9. Maxime De Taddeo
  10. Irvin Latic
  11. Kevin Sommer
  12. Maxime Deruffe
  13. Alexis Larrière
  14. Gary Bernard.

Every match, the Jeunesse Esch top scorers list is updated HERE.

In the 2020-2021 season, Jeunesse Esch played in the Luxembourg National Division, which is Luxembourg’s top tier of football.

The team had a mixed season, winning nine games out of thirty, drawing six, and losing fifteen. They finished in twelfth place out of fourteen teams with a total of 33 points.

In spite of their struggles in the league, Jeunesse Esch did fairly well in cup competitions. They reached the quarter-finals of the Luxembourg Cup before losing to fellow National Division side Progrès Niederkorn.

It was a challenging season for Jeunesse Esch, as they failed to meet the high expectations set by their fans and previous successes. However, with a wealth of experience behind them, the team hopes to bounce back in the future.

Players currently playing for Swift Hesperange:

  1. – Olivier Marques
  2. – Rayan Philippe
  3. – Abdoul Karim Dante
  4. – Maurice Deville
  5. – Lado Akhalaia
  6. – Mehdi Terki
  7. – Mohamed Morabet
  8. – El Hedi El Belameiri
  9. – Moussa Seydi
  10. – Dominik Stolz
  11. – Toufik Zeghdane
  12. – Kwame Ofori
  13. – Andy Minolien
  14. – Clement Couturier
  15. – Bryan Nouvier
  16. – Ryad Habbas
  17. – João Teixeira
  18. – Kevin Malget
  19. – Youn Czekanowicz
  20. – Jan Ostrowski
  21. – Ken Corral
  22. – Ricardo Delgado
  23. – Achraf Drif
  24. – Jerry Prempeh
  25. – Geordan Dupire
  26. – Florik Shala
  27. – Cedric Sacras
  28. – Kenan Avdusinović
  29. – Hugo Pedroso Felgueiras
  30. – Roman Pierrard
  31. – Nego Ekofo

During every match, Swift Hesperange’s top scorers list is updated HERE.

FC Swift Hesperange – Luxembourg: performance history

Swift Hesperange is a football club based in Hesperange, Luxembourg. The club was founded on July 1, 1916, and has a long and rich history in Luxembourgian football.

Throughout the years, FC Swift Hesperange has been on and off in terms of performance. The club enjoyed a successful period between the 1930s and 1940s, winning several domestic titles and reaching the Luxembourg Cup finals in 1934 and 1940. During this time, the club also played in the regional leagues in France.

After a relatively quiet period in the following decades with few notable achievements, FC Swift Hesperange experienced a resurgence in the early 2000s and was promoted to the Luxembourg National Division in 2005. Several seasons later, they managed to stay in the top division, finishing fourth in 2010-2011.

In the 2020-2021 season, FC Swift Hesperange finished 6th in the Luxembourg Division of Honour, the third tier of Luxembourgish football.

FC Swift Hesperange has a respectable performance history in Luxembourg football over the past century and has left its mark on the country’s football scene.


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