Kelantan FC vs Pahang FC Lineups Preview: 23 Jun 2023

Kelantan FC vs Sri Pahang FC lineups: Preview the official starting lineup Today, results in Prediction, for the match on 23rd June 2023.

Kelantan FC vs Sri Pahang FC lineups: Preview the official starting lineup Today, results in Prediction, for this Malaysia Super League match.

The match between Sri Pahang FC and Kelantan FA will begin on June 23, 2023, at 13:00 UTC.

As both teams gear up to showcase their talent and claim victory, all eyes will be glued to the pitch to witness an exciting match-up between these two formidable sides.

Take a closer look at the starting lineups of each team by highlighting some key players who could significantly impact the game. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Kelantan FC vs Pahang Lineups Preview

Kelantan FA faced Sri Pahang FC in one match this season. Sri Pahang FC is now in fourth place, while Kelantan FA is in fourteenth place in the Malaysia Super League Standings.

Kelantan FC Starting Lineup Key Players

Pahang FC and Kelantan FC are preparing for their highly anticipated showdown. Kelantan FC will want to field its strongest starting lineup possible with its season in full swing.

We may anticipate Farhan Abu Bakar, who has always performed well for the Club, in goal. Miguel Ngel will probably start on defense because of his background and stability at the back.

Mohd Radzi, a midfielder, will give the attack some creative energy while filling in on defense when necessary. With his speed and cunning,

Nuha Marong is anticipated to lead the line up front and pose challenges for the Pahang defense.

They will undoubtedly present Sri Pahang FC with a difficult test on game day with these key players leading from the front.

Sri Pahang FC Starting Lineup Key Players

Nor Azam Azih, a midfielder recognized for his remarkable vision and passing abilities, is one of these players. Throughout the season, he has been vital in creating scoring opportunities for his side.

Another player to keep an eye on is striker Lucas Silva, who has scored numerous important goals in the qualifiers. His speed and dribbling abilities make him a constant threat to opposition defenders, and he will seek to add to his score in this match.

Pahang’s other crucial player is defender Stefano Brundo, who provides good defensive cover at the back. He is an essential player of the team due to his tackling abilities, aerial prowess, and leadership qualities.

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