Kikosi cha Simba Vs Power Dynamos Lineup, Live Score 06/08/2023

Check the lineup (known as kikosi cha) Simba vs Power Dynamos from Zambia. The game will be live score at Mkapa Stadium at 7:00 PM.

Check the lineup known as Kikosi cha Simba Vs Power Dynamos from Zambia. The game between host Simba against Power Dynamos of Zambia will be played at Mkapa Stadium on August 6 at 7:00 PM.

This year, Simba CLUB announced that they would team up with Power Dynamos during the height of Simba Day. Simba’s “Unyama Mwingi” week was first announced on July 29 and spread throughout all of Buza’s streets on August 1. The 2023–24 season will be played at Dar es Salaam’s Benjamin Mkapa Stadium, and the Zambian champions will mark that significant occasion by introducing Simba’s new players.

Kikosi cha Simba Vs Power Dynamos Lineup

One of the most prosperous football teams in Tanzania is Simba SC, and they have a talented player roster. On game day, keep an eye out for these vital players:

Lus Miquissone, the team’s captain and striker, is first up. He recently joined Simba. He played for this squad once before joining another one. He’ll be excited to demonstrate his abilities to the crowd.

The following player is midfielder Clatous Chama, who joined Simba in 2019 from Lusaka Dynamos. He will play a key role in the attack because of his adept dribbling and capacity for creating opportunities for his teammates.

Saido, an attacking midfielder who joined with Simba in 2023, is another person to keep an eye on. He offers midfield stability and makes an attack stronger with his passing skills. He has a history of scoring five goals in a single game, which makes him useful in today’s game.

Che Fondoh Malone, a new midfielder who joined Simba SC for the current campaign, will make his debut.

Power Dyanamos must be on the lookout for these four players and other top Simba SC performers if they hope to win all three points!

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Power Dynamos lineup Today

Mukuka Mulenga, a midfielder renowned for his superb passing abilities and capacity for game management. He is a significant asset to whatever side he plays for because he is also a superb set-piece taker.

Andy Boyeli, a goal-scoring striker from DR Congo, is another player worth noticing. He has repeatedly demonstrated his worth by scoring vital goals when they counted the most. He is challenging to mark because of his speed and dribbling prowess, which could offer Power Dynamos an advantage over Simba SC.

Don’t forget Govenda Simwala, who is frequently loved to by fans because of his excellent defensive abilities. He has good game reading skills and can stop opposition attacks in their tracks with ease.

About Simba Day 2023

The Information Officer of Simba, Ahmed Ally has said that the minimum entry in the game will be Sh5,000 and Sh200,000 in the special Platinum area.

He said that in the platinum platform, there will be an auction to sell new jerseys for Sh200,000 where half of the money raised will build a mother and child ward at the Muhimbili and Mnazi Mmoja Zanzibar hospital.

“With the goal of building a ward, we will start by donating blood from leaders to all Simba branches in parallel with cleaning up the community around us;

Ahmed said in the festival he said they are expected to have various artists from inside and outside of Tanzania.

“Some of the local artists who will be there are Tunda Man, Meja Kunta, Whozu and others will continue to be introduced as the days progress.” said Ahmed.

Simba is doing the festival for the 15th time this season since it was started in 2009, along with other activities, they will use it to introduce their new players before playing the friendly international match.


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