Kikosi Cha Taifa Stars Leo dhidi Ya Zambia 21/01/2024 AFCON

Kikosi Cha Taifa Stars Leo dhidi Ya Zambia 21/01/2024 AFCON

Check the starting lineup | Kikosi cha Taifa Stars Leo dhidi Ya Zambia National Football Team as well as the live match score for this AFCON 2023 Fixture in Group F. View the confirmed and predicted lineup for each team before the kickoff.

Match Info: On Jan 21, Zambia is playing Tanzania in the Group Stage of the Africa Nations Cup. The match will kick off at 17:00 UTC, 20:00 in Tanzania same as 19:00 in Zambia.


Kikosi Cha Taifa Stars Leo dhidi Ya Zambia

Before Kick Off, official lineups will be updated below along with all match events

Predicted Starting lineup for Zambia vs Tanzania, Taifa Stars:

As we await real-time updates for the Zambia vs. Tanzania match, the predicted starting line-ups for both teams are yet to be officially announced. Based on their recent formations, it is likely that Zambia will field the following players:

  • Tresford Lawrence Mulenga
  • Rodrick Kabwe
  • Frankie Musonda
  • Stopilla Sunzu
  • Thandi Mwape
  • Kelvin Kapumbu
  • Fashion Sakala
  • Emmanuel Banda
  • Kings Kangwa
  • Lubambo Musonda
  • Patson Daka

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Meanwhile, Tanzania is expected to start the game with the following predicted line-up:

  • Aishi Manula
  • Bakari Mwamnyeto
  • Ibrahim Abdallah Hamad
  • Novatus Miroshi
  • Mohamed Husseini
  • Mudathir Yahya
  • Himid Mao Mkami
  • Haji Mnoga
  • Tarryn Allarakhia
  • Ally Samatta
  • Charles MMombwa

Stay tuned for the official confirmation of the starting line-ups for the Zambia – Tanzania match as the teams finalize their formations.

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Key Players To watch In Zambia Vs Tanzania AFCON Match

Key players from Tanzania National Football Team are: 

Mbwana Samatta, playing in the forward position, has established himself as a clinical finisher renowned for his goal-scoring prowess. This reputation extends beyond domestic leagues to international competitions, solidifying his role as a valuable asset to the Tanzania National Football Team. In addition to his scoring abilities, Samatta is recognized for his exceptional work rate on the pitch, contributing not only by finding the back of the net but also by creating opportunities for his team.

Feisal Salum, a versatile forward and winger, showcases dynamic qualities that elevate his standing as a prominent player for Tanzania. His standout feature lies in his impressive dribbling skills, allowing him to navigate through opposition defenses with ease. Salum’s versatility emerges as another key strength, as he is proficient in playing various attacking roles, providing flexibility to the team’s strategies.

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Key players from Zambia National Football Team are: 

Joseph Ondoa is a highly skilled Zamnbia goalkeeper known for his exceptional shot-stopping abilities. Renowned for quick reflexes and agility, Ondoa has showcased his proficiency in making crucial saves, earning him a solid reputation between the goalposts. His commanding presence in the penalty area, coupled with precise distribution skills, makes Ondoa a reliable last line of defense for both club and country.

Christopher Wooh, a dynamic Zambia forward, stands out for his goal-scoring prowess and versatility on the field. With clinical finishing abilities, Wooh consistently finds the back of the net, providing a reliable attacking outlet. His physical strength allows him to excel in aerial duels and hold off defenders, while his adaptability to various attacking roles adds a tactical edge to his team’s strategies. Wooh’s solid dribbling skills and composure in front of goal make him a formidable presence in the attacking third, contributing significantly to the success of both club and national teams.


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