Kikosi cha Yanga SC vs Mtibwa Sugar LEO 16/12/2023

Follow the starting lineup for Yanga SC vs Mtibwa Sugar (Kikosi cha LEO) in today’s NBC Premier League Match.

Follow the starting lineup for Yanga SC vs Mtibwa Sugar (Kikosi cha LEO) in today’s NBC Premier League Match.

Match Info: Young Africans SC is set to host Mtibwa Sugar in the Ligi Kuu Bara of Tanzania on December 16. The match is scheduled to kick off at 18:30 local time in Dar Es Salaam at Azam Complex Stadium.


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Kikosi cha Yanga SC vs Mtibwa Sugar LEO

The anticipated lineup for the upcoming match will be revealed just one hour before kick-off. Nevertheless, here’s a sneak peek and the projected roster for the eagerly awaited showdown: (Matokeo live score)

Key Players Overview


Metacha, the goalkeeper for Young Africans, demonstrates outstanding shot-stopping abilities and heightened awareness within the penalty box. His agility and quick reflexes, coupled with a commanding presence, position him as a reliable last line of defense for the team.

Similarly, Diarra contributes to the team’s defensive strength with precise distribution from the back and adept organization of the defensive line. His proficiency in handling aerial situations adds an extra layer of confidence to the team’s defensive efforts


Mwamnyeto, playing in a defensive role for Young Africans, stands out for his robust defensive capabilities. His precisely timed tackles, unwavering positional play, and sharp game-reading skills make him a cornerstone in the team’s backline.

Additionally, Mwamnyeto’s expertise in aerial duels and physical presence contribute to the team’s resilience in both aerial challenges and set-piece situations. His leadership qualities and effective communication further enhance the overall defensive cohesion of the team.

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Aucho, positioned in the midfield for Young Africans, is celebrated for his box-to-box prowess. His unwavering work rate, skillful ball-winning abilities, and ability to dictate the tempo of the game make him a pivotal figure in the midfield.

Aucho’s accurate passing, visionary playmaking, and capacity to seamlessly connect play from defense to attack provide a crucial link for the team. Additionally, his defensive contributions and proficiency in disrupting the opposition’s play showcase him as a well-rounded midfielder.

Musonda (Attacker):

Musonda, positioned as an attacker for Young Africans, showcases a dynamic and versatile attacking skill set. Possessing goal-scoring instincts, agility, and flair on the ball, he consistently becomes a formidable threat to opposing defenses.

Musonda’s ability to generate scoring opportunities, whether through individual brilliance or effective link-up play, adds a crucial dimension to the team’s attacking strategies. His versatility in occupying various attacking positions makes him a valuable asset in the final third of the pitch.

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Mzize, positioned as an attacking midfielder for Young Africans, injects creativity and playmaking prowess into the team. His exceptional vision, adept ball control, and precise passing significantly elevate the team’s attacking fluidity.

Serving as a crucial link between midfield and attack, Mzize possesses the ability to unlock defenses and provide key assists. Additionally, his goal-scoring prowess from the midfield position adds an extra dimension to the team’s offensive capabilities.

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Possible Lineup for Kikosi cha Yanga SC vs Mtibwa Sugar LEO

  • Metacha
  • Yao
  • Lomalisa
  • Mwamnyeto
  • Bacca
  • D. Job
  • Maxi
  • Aucho
  • Mzize
  • Aziz KI
  • Musonda

Sub: Diarra, Kibabage, Fred, Mauya, Skudu, Sureboy, Nkane, Mudathir, Pacome


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