Lineup for Karlberg BK vs Stockholm Internazionale: Live Score

You can follow the starting lineup for Karlberg BK vs Stockholm Internazionale, results that are updated in real-time, and live score match commentary that covers the most significant Svenska Cupen match moments on this sports page.

Match info

Starting on June 28, 2023, at 17:00 UTC, Karlbergs BK and FC Stockholm Internazionale will face off. The game is a preliminary-round Svenska Cup encounter.

Karlberg BK vs Stockholm Internazionale: Starting Lineup with Live Score


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Key Players in the Starting Lineup For Karlberg BK vs Stockholm Internazionale

In Karlberg BK’s starting lineup, all eyes will be on their star striker, Kamil Dawid Dudziak. Known for his lightning-quick pace and clinical finishing ability, he has been a menace for opposing defenders throughout the season. His partnership with midfield maestro Karl Axel Lundgren is one to watch out for – their understanding of each other’s gameplay often leaves opponents mesmerized.


On the other side of the pitch stands Stockholm Internazionale’s defensive rock, Marcus Degerlund. With his commanding presence at center-back and exceptional reading of the game, He has single-handedly shut down countless attacks this season. Opposing forwards will have a tough time finding any gaps in his impenetrable defense.

Not far behind is midfielder Hugo Emil from Stockholm Internazionale who possesses immense creativity and vision. His ability to thread inch-perfect passes through tight spaces could unlock even the most stubborn defenses. He’ll be supported by Trimi Makolli whose lightning-fast runs down the flanks are sure to leave defenders scrambling.

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