Lineup For Progrès Niederkorn 2023 Squad

Lineup For Progrès Progrès Niederkorn 2023 Squad

Examine the information you need to know about the Team Lineup For Progrès Niederkorn 2023 Squad, 2023 Progrès Niederkorn Transfer Reports, and top scorers in Progrès Squad.

Progrès Niederkorn’s outstanding Team Squad and spirit of cooperation have helped the team to move up to third place in the Luxembourg National Division Standings.

About the 2023 Progrès Niederkorn Squad

The squad consists of 26 individuals with an average age of 24.9 and a total market value of €2.06 million. Half of the teams are international players, while only one player represents the national team. The home stadium, called Stadium Haupert, has a capacity of 2,800 seats. The team has gained a profit of €270k in recent transfer records.

  • Total market value: €2.06m
  • 26-person squad
  • Age on average: 24.9
  • International Players: 13 50.0%
  • Players for the national team: 1
  • Stade: Stadium Haupert, Jos 2.800 Seats
  • Record of recent transfers: +€270k

2022/2023 Progrès Niederkorn Transfer Reports

Top arrivals players in the 2022/2023 Progrès Squad lineup:

  • Hamadou Karamoko: Centre-Back
  • Oluwatobiloba Alagbe: Centre-Back
  • Gérard Mersch: Right-Back
  • Jader Soares: Left-Back
  • Alexandre Sacras: Left-Back

The Top Departures players in the Progrès Squad lineup

  • Sebastien Thill: Central Midfield, (transfer Sum of €200k).
  • Aldin Skenderovic: Centre-Back, (Free transfer).
  • Lamine Ba: Centre-Back, (unverified transfer condition).
  • Ryad Habbas: Centre-Forward, (Free transfer).
  • Florian Bohnert: Right-Back, (unverified transfer condition).

Top scorers in the 2022/2023 Progrès Squad

  • Elias Filet Centre-Forward: with 20 goals
  • Mayron de Almeida Centre-Forward: with 9 goals
  • Bilal Hend Left Winger: with 8 goals
  • Antoine Mazure Centre-Forward: with 5 goals
  • Antonio Luisi Left Winger: with 3 goals

Players with the Most assists in the 2022/2023 Progrès Squad

  • Mayron de Almeida Centre-Forward: With 8 Assists
  • Belmin Muratovic Attacking Midfield: with 7 Assists
  • Antoine Mazure Centre-Forward: with 5 Assists
  • Bilal Hend Left Winger: with 4 Assists
  • Emir Bijelic Defensive Midfield: with 4 Assists

Lineup For Progrès  Niederkorn 2023 Squad

Names of all players:


  1. Sebastien Flauss
  2. Tom Boussong
  3. ldin Latik E. Latik


  1. Jader Soares
  2. Alex Guett Guett
  3. Vincent Peugnet
  4. Metin Karayer
  5. Yannick Bastos
  6. Hamadou Karamoko
  7. Alexandre Sacras
  8. Gérard Mersch


  1. Kevin Holtz
  2. Ben Vogel
  3. Mamadou Cellou Bah
  4. Emir Bijelic
  5. Belmin Muratovic
  6. Brian Amofa


  1. Conrad Azong
  2. Mayron de Almeida
  3. Antoine Mazure
  4. Elias Filet
  5. Dave Turpel


  1. Antonio Luisi
  2. Bilal Hend
  3. Ryan Klapp

Staff  and Technical Team

Jeff Strasser

  • Manager Jeff Strasser, 48 years old
    July 1, 2022 – appointed
    Contract termination:

Christian Joachim

  • Christian Joachim. Age: 52
    July 1, 2022 – appointed as Assistant Manager
    Contract termination:


  • Thomas Tayebi. Age: 40
    On July 1, 2022, he was appointed as Fitness Coach
    Contract termination:


  • President William Gilgemann
    Age: 39
    Appointed on the third week of May 2022
    Contract termination:


  • Team Manager Jonathan Rigo Age: 35
    July 1, 2022 – appointed
    Contract termination:

Giovanni Barnabo

  • Academy Manager Giovanni Barnabo Age: 54
    Appointed on the 22nd of October 2016
    Contract termination:

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