Los Angeles FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps Starting Lineup

Check Los Angeles FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps lineups, the official starting lineup release, results in a live score, for this Major League Soccer match.

With key players on each side poised to make their mark, anything can happen. So, let’s dive into the starting lineups and get a sneak peek at what we can expect from this highly anticipated match.

Starting lineups And Live Scores


Los Angeles FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps Preview

LAFC: Starting Lineup Key Players

Los Angeles FC is entering this match with a strong starting lineup, featuring some of their most talented and experienced players.

To start things off, we have Carlos Vela, who will be leading the team as captain. As one of the best forwards in the league, Vela brings incredible skill and leadership to every game he plays.

Next up, we have Denis Bouanga, another formidable forward on LAFC’s roster. With his impressive speed and agility on the field, Denis has proven himself time and again as a valuable asset to the team. Alongside him is midfielder Erik DueƱas who excels at controlling possession of the ball and making quick passes downfield.

Defensively speaking, LAFC has Denil Maldonado holding down their center-back position. He’ll be joined by Giorgio Chiellini who offers great versatility across multiple positions but mostly operates in central defense alongside Sergi Palencia.

Vancouver Whitecaps: Starting Lineup Key Players

The Vancouver Whitecaps have a strong starting lineup, and each player brings their own unique skills to the pitch. At the forefront of the lineup is goalkeeper Yohei Takaoka, whose impressive saves have kept many opponents at bay. In defense, Ali Ahmed’s speed and agility provide a formidable challenge for attackers.

In midfield, Ryan Gauld’s ball control and passing accuracy make him an asset to the team. And up front, Simon Becher’s tenacity and goal-scoring ability are crucial to securing victories for the Whitecaps.


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