Manchester City squad information 2023 Update

Manchester City squad information

Manchester City squad lineup information: Attention all Manchester City fans! Are you curious about the current state of your favorite team’s squad? Wondering who is out on loan, which players are injured or suspended, and who has recently transferred in or out?

Look no further! In this blog post, we will be providing you with all the latest information on Manchester City’s lineup for 2023. From the current squad to the manager and coaching staff, we’ve got it covered. So sit back, relax, and let us take you through everything you need to know about Manchester City’s current players.

Current squad

Manchester City has always been known for its star-studded squad, and the current roster is no exception. In goal, we have the reliable Ederson Moraes, who has proven time and again that he is one of the best shot-stoppers in Europe.

Moving onto defense, we have some of the most talented players in world football. Ruben Dias has become a fan favorite with his commanding presence at the back, while Joao Cancelo’s attacking prowess from full-back is something to be admired.

In midfield, Kevin De Bruyne remains Manchester City’s talismanic figure – his vision and creativity are second to none. Alongside him is Bernardo Silva whose work-rate and technical ability make him an invaluable asset to any team.

Up front is where things get interesting; Erling Haaland and exciting new face ready to take up the mantle such as Julián Álvarez and Riyad Mahrez.

Manchester City’s current squad looks like it will continue to dominate English football for years to come with its depth of quality players across all positions on the pitch.

Current 2023 lineup for Manchester City squad

Certainly, here’s a friendly list of the Manchester City Current Players:


Manchester City squad lineup information:

– Ederson (Brazil) – Appearances: 33 – Clean sheets: 10

– Scott Carson (England) – Appearances: 0 – Clean sheets: 0

– Stefan Ortega (Germany) – Appearances: 1 – Clean sheets: 1


Manchester City squad lineup information:

– Kyle Walker (England) – Appearances: 23 – Clean sheets: 4 – Goals: 0

– Rúben Dias (Portugal) – Appearances: 25 – Clean sheets: 7 – Goals: 0

– John Stones (England) – Appearances: 21 – Clean sheets: 5 – Goals: 2

– Nathan Aké (Netherlands) – Appearances: 25 – Clean sheets: 6 – Goals: 1

–  ymeric Laporte (Spain) – Appearances: 9 – Clean sheets: 2 – Goals: 0

– Rico Lewis (England) – Appearances: 11 – Clean sheets: 0  – Goals: 0

– Manuel Akanji (Switzerland) – Appearances: 27 – Clean sheets: 5 – Goals: 0


– Ilkay Gündogan (Germany) – Appearances: 29 – Goals: 6 – Assists: 3

– Jack Grealish (England) – Appearances: 27 – Goals: 5 – Assists: 7

– Rodri (Spain) – Appearances: 33 – Goals: 2 – Assists: 6

Manchester City squad lineup information:

– Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) – Appearances: 30 – Goals: 7 – Assists: 16

– Bernardo Silva (Portugal) – Appearances: 32 – Goals: 4 – Assists: 5

– Phil Foden (England) – Appearances: 28 – Goals: 10 – Assists: 5

– Cole Palmer (England) – Appearances: 11 – Goals: 0 – Assists: 0

– Kalvin Phillips (England) – Appearances: 8 – Goals: 0 – Assists: 0

– Yangel Herrera (Venezuela) – Appearances: 0 – Goals: 0 – Assists: 0

– Sergio Gómez (Spain) – Appearances: 8 – Goals: 0 – Assists: 1

– Shea Charles (Northern Ireland) – Appearances: 0 – Goals: 0 – Assists: 0

– Alex Robertson (Australia) – Appearances: 0 – Goals: 0 – Assists: 0

– Máximo Perrone (Argentina) – Appearances: 1 – Goals: 0 – Assists: 0


– Riyad Mahrez (Algeria) – Appearances: 26 – Goals: 5 – Assists: 9}

– Erling Haaland (Norway) – Appearances: 32 – Goals: 35 – Assists: 7

– Julián Álvarez (Argentina) – Appearances: 27 – Goals: 8 – Assists: 0

Out on loan

Manchester City has a reputation for investing in young and talented players. However, with limited opportunities at the senior level, some of these players are sent out on loan to gain valuable first-team experience.

Currently, Manchester City has several players out on loan across Europe. One such player is Yan Couto, who was signed from Coritiba last year and is currently playing for Girona FC in Spain’s second division. The Brazilian right-back has been impressed with his attacking flair and defensive abilities.

Another promising youngster spending time away from Manchester City is Pedro Porro. The Spanish full-back joined the Citizens in 2019 but was immediately loaned out to Real Valladolid before moving to Sporting CP this season. He has already become an integral part of their team as they challenge for the Portuguese title.

One more notable player out on loan is Lukas Nmecha, who spent last season with Anderlecht in Belgium’s top flight and now plays for RSC Union Berlin in Germany’s Bundesliga. The striker made an immediate impact by scoring twice against Borussia Monchengladbach earlier this season.

Sending young players out on loan can be beneficial for both the club and the individual player as it provides them with valuable game time experience that they may not get at a higher level yet. It also helps them develop their skills further so they can return stronger when given another chance to play at Manchester City or elsewhere among other clubs around the world

Man City History of Injured players

Injuries are an inevitable part of sports, and Manchester City is not immune to them. As of now, the team has a few players who are nursing their injuries.

One of these players is Aymeric Laporte, who suffered from a hamstring injury in late January 2021. Although the defender has returned to training, he remains sidelined as he recovers his full fitness.

Another player on the list is Nathan Ake, who was injured during training in early February 2021. The center-back sustained a muscle injury that will keep him out for some time.

Moreover, Sergio Aguero recently had an issue with his knee which led him to miss several games this season. However, the striker has been making progress in his recovery and could return soon.

Kevin De Bruyne also suffered an injury scare when he sustained an ankle problem during Euro 2020 but it wasn’t severe enough to rule him out entirely for any matches or tournaments
Manchester City’s medical staff continues to work hard with these players so they can fully recover and get back on the pitch as soon as possible.

Suspended players

Suspended players are a common occurrence in football, and Manchester City is no exception. The team has had its fair share of suspensions over the years, and it can be frustrating for fans to see their favorite players unable to play due to disciplinary actions.

When a player receives a suspension, it usually means they have committed an offense on the field or off. This can include anything from violent conduct to using abusive language towards officials or opponents.

The length of the suspension varies depending on the severity of the offense. It could be as short as one game or as long as several months. During this time, the player is not allowed to participate in any matches with their team.

Manchester City has had some high-profile suspensions in recent years, including Sergio Aguero’s four-match ban for violent conduct against Chelsea’s David Luiz in 2016 and Bernardo Silva’s one-game suspension for a controversial social media post.

While suspended players may disappoint fans who want to see them on the field, it serves as a reminder that every action has consequences – even when you’re playing professional football at the highest level.

Recent transfers

Manchester City is one of the top teams in English football, and they have always been a team that invests heavily in new players to strengthen their squad. The club’s recent transfers show that this philosophy remains unchanged.

One of the most notable signings for Manchester City was Jack Grealish from Aston Villa. The 25-year-old midfielder became the most expensive British player ever when he signed for £100m in August 2021. Grealish had played for Villa since he was six years old, but his impressive performances caught the eye of several Premier League clubs.

Another significant signing for Manchester City was Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined on loan from Juventus in August 2021. The Portuguese forward has previously played for rival team Manchester United and returned to England to prove his worth once again.

Apart from these big names, Manchester City also made some other key signings recently. In July 2021, they brought in Scott Carson on a permanent deal after his successful loan spell with the club last season. They also secured Brazilian forward Kayky from Fluminense FC and Argentine defender Juan Foyth on loan from Villarreal CF.

Manchester City continues to make strategic investments by bringing in talented players who can help them achieve their goals both domestically and internationally.

Manager and coaching staff

Manchester City’s current manager is Pep Guardiola, one of the most famous and successful coaches in modern football. The Spaniard has been in charge of the club since 2016 and has led them to numerous domestic titles including three Premier League crowns.

Guardiola previously managed Barcelona and Bayern Munich before being appointed as Manchester City’s head coach. He is known for his innovative tactics and unrelenting focus on possession-based football.

Assisting Guardiola is a talented group of coaching staff that includes Mikel Arteta, Rodolfo Borrell, Juanma Lillo, Xavier Mancisidor, Lorenzo Buenaventura, Carles Planchart, and Domènec Torrent. Each member brings their unique strengths to the team with their vast knowledge of different areas such as goalkeeping techniques or tactical planning.

Mikel Arteta deserves special mention for his contribution as assistant manager over recent years.

The coaching staff has played an essential role in shaping Manchester City into one of Europe’s elite teams over the past few seasons. Their efforts have resulted in some fantastic performances on the field by players who look well-drilled tactically and technically proficient too thanks to excellent training sessions carried out under their watchful eyesight.


Manchester City has a formidable squad that is capable of competing at the highest level. The current roster features some of the best players in the world, and with Pep Guardiola at the helm, they have a manager who knows how to get the best out of his team.

The recent additions to their squad have only strengthened their depth, and it will be interesting to see how they perform in the upcoming season. With several key players returning from injury and suspension, Manchester City fans can look forward to seeing their full-strength lineup on display once again.

There is no doubt that Manchester City will continue to be one of the top teams in Europe for years to come. Whether you are a die-hard fan or simply enjoy watching great football, this club is worth keeping an eye on!

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