MLS All-Stars vs Arsenal: Starting Lineups, Preview July 2023

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On July 19, 2023, the MLS All-Stars vs Arsenal match will play a friendly match. The game will begin at 7 PM GMT (3 PM ET).

MLS All-Stars vs Arsenal: Prewiew

On July 19, 2023, the MLS All-Stars vs Arsenal match will play a friendly match. The game will begin at 7 PM GMT (3 PM ET).

The game will be place in Washington, D.C. at the Audi Field Stadium. Both Washington Spirit of the NWSL and D.C. United of the MLS calls it home.

Wayne Rooney, the current manager of D.C. United and a former star player for Manchester United, will oversee the MLS All-Stars. When the two teams square off in July, he will be looking forward to giving Arsenal’s defense issues as a coach after being a continual nightmare for them throughout his playing career.

The only previous encounter between the teams took place in 2016 when Arsenal came out on top 2-1.

Starting Lineup For Arsenal Against MLS All-Stars, Preview

Martinelli, who has been Arsenal’s leading scorer so far this season, is an important guy to keep an eye on. His agility and accuracy will be essential in dismantling Wolverhampton’s defense.

Bukayo Saka is another key player for Arsenal. This season, the young midfielder has distinguished himself with a number of standout displays that have shown off his versatility and originality.

Gabriel Magalhes will be entrusted with containing Wolverhampton in defense. With his strong defensive abilities and skillful ball distribution, the Brazilian center-back has rapidly gained the respect of the crowd.

We must not overlook Thomas Partey. The Ghanaian midfielder just joined Arsenal and has had a significant impact on the squad. He brings to the midfield strength, aggression, and outstanding passing skills—qualities that are sure to be useful while playing against Wolverhampton’s hard-working midfielders.

Where can I buy tickets for MLS All-Stars vs. Arsenal 2023?

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Where to watch MLS All-Stars vs Arsenal 2023 on TV?

You won’t have to worry if you can’t see the game live if you can’t watch it in person. With an MLS Season Pass, you can watch the MLS All-stars game vs Arsenal on the Apple TV app.


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