Newcastle United vs Brighton Lineup And Results 18/05/2023

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Newcastle vs Brighton Lineup, Results And Stats 19/05/2023

Welcome football fans! Get updates on the Newcastle United vs Brighton Lineup, Results, And Events on 18/05/2023.

With both teams fighting for a spot in the top half of the table, this game was sure to be intense. We will see amazing performances from key players on both sides, as well as some unexpected twists and turns throughout the match.

So let’s dive into the lineups, results, and stats of this exciting clash between two Premier League powerhouses.

Newcastle United vs Brighton Lineup, Results, And Stats

Newcastle Lineup Today’s key players

Newcastle’s lineup featured some of their most impressive players on the pitch. Up front, we saw the talented striker A. Isak who can caused problems for Brighton’s defense with his speed and dribbling skills.

In midfield, B. Guimarães was a standout player, providing excellent ball control and distribution throughout the match. His ability to read the game and make intelligent passes may allow Newcastle to maintain possession during critical moments in the game.

Defensively, S. Botman will show why he is one of the best center-backs in Premier League football today. He may make several crucial tackles and interceptions that will prevent Brighton from gaining any momentum in attack.

Newcastle Top Players:

Brighton Lineup Today Key players

Brighton’s lineup for the upcoming match against Newcastle is expected to feature some of their key players. One of them is Pascal Groß, who has been one of Brighton’s most consistent performers over the past few seasons. The German midfielder possesses excellent technical ability and passing range that can unlock any defense.

Another crucial player in Brighton’s lineup is Welbeck, who leads the team in scoring. The striker brings a lot of energy to the front line and has shown his clinical finishing abilities on multiple occasions.

Defensively, Lewis Dunk will be a vital presence for Brighton. As the club captain, he provides leadership and organization at the back while also possessing an impressive aerial presence that can help his side defend set pieces effectively.

In midfield, Kaoru Mitoma will play a critical role in disrupting Newcastle’s attacks and winning possession for his side. He has impressed with his performances this season and is likely to feature prominently against Newcastle.

Brighton’s starting lineup boasts several key players who have been instrumental in their success this season. It remains to be seen how they perform on match day against Newcastle but there are high expectations from their fans considering their recent form.

Brighton top Players:

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Post-game H2H analysis

Newcastle United and Brighton have played 15 matches so far.

On average, Newcastle United scored 1.53 goals per match in direct matches. Brighton won 6 matches. 6 matches ended in draws.

In season 2023, Newcastle United averaged 1.81 goals per game. Both teams scored over 1.5 goals in more than half (69.23%) of the 18 home matches played during season 2023. In 11 of these matches (42.31%), both teams scored over 2.5 goals.

For the season 2023, Brighton averaged 2.04 goals per match. In 22 (91.67%) matches played away, total goals (team and opponent) were over 1.5 goals. In 18 (75.00%) matches played away, total goals (team and opponent) were over 2.5 goals.

This section contains a lot of statistics that will help you to predict a match between two teams. Below the text is a list of the direct matches.

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