Power Dynamos vs Nkwazi Live Score, Lineup Preview | 26/08/2023

Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Preview for Power Dynamos vs Nkwazi FC, the results in Live Match Score.

Power Dynamos vs Nkwazi Preview

The Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Preview for Power Dynamos vs Nkwazi FC and the results updated in the Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: In Kitwe at Arthur Davies Stadium, the Super League match between Power Dynamos and Nkwazi will begin on TBD, 26 August 2023.


Match Kickoff news

Preview below the Lineup For Power Dynamos vs Nkwazi, as well as live score commentary and events.


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Key Players in the Power Dynamos lineup

Mukuka Mulenga, a midfielder renowned for his superb passing abilities and capacity for game management. He is a significant asset to whatever side he plays for because he is also a superb set-piece taker.

Andy Boyeli, a goal-scoring striker from DR Congo, is another player worth noticing. He has repeatedly demonstrated his worth by scoring vital goals when they counted the most. He is challenging to mark because of his speed and dribbling prowess, which could offer Power Dynamos an advantage over Nkwazi FC.

Don’t forget Govenda Simwala, who is frequently loved to by fans because of his excellent defensive abilities. He has good game reading skills and can stop opposition attacks in their tracks with ease.

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Nkwazi FC Lineup Key Players

One player to watch out for is striker Peter Mwangani. He’s been in great shape this year and has already contributed to his club with a handful of goals.

A talented playmaker for Nkwazi’s midfield, Carlos Kaoma can conjure up opportunities out of thin air. He is an indispensable player for the team because of his exceptional vision and passing ability.

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Joel K. Kadjob is a dependable defender who brings consistency and expertise to Nkwazi’s defense. Despite being under pressure, he maintains his composure, making it difficult for opponents’ attackers to pass him.

Goalkeeper Gift Nyirenda must be at the top of his game if Nkwazi hopes to stop the opponent from scoring. His lightning-quick reflexes and exceptional shot-stopping skills, which have previously helped his club win several games, have earned him widespread acclaim.

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Power Dynamos vs Nkwazi H2H Records

In their 27 previous meetings, Power Dynamos and Nkwazi had a relatively good head-to-head record, with Power Dynamos winning 9 games and Nkwazi taking home 9 victories. Nine of the games were draws.

In head-to-head matches, Power Dynamos scored 28 goals while Nkwazi only managed to score 21.

If we examine the most recent encounters between Power Dynamos and Nkwazi, Power Dynamos has a 2-1 advantage in the straight encounters.


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