Starting lineup for AmaZulu vs Mamelodi Sundowns 06/12/2023

Starting lineup for AmaZulu FC vs Mamelodi Sundowns

Check out the Starting lineup for AmaZulu FC vs Mamelodi Sundowns Today, in a PSL Fixture match, also follow the match live score results.

Match Info: On December 6, AmaZulu Durban is scheduled to face Mamelodi Sundowns in the Premier League of South Africa. The match is set to kick off at 19:30 South African local time.


Starting Lineup for AmaZulu FC vs Sundowns Preview

Ramahlwe Mphahlele is a reliable and tenacious defender, recognized for his unwavering commitment to tackles. His proficiency in aerial duels and physical prowess solidify his role as a commanding presence in the team’s defensive line. Beyond his defensive duties, Mphahlele exhibits versatility by actively contributing to offensive plays, thereby enhancing the team’s overall strategic approach.


George Maluleka assumes the pivotal role of orchestrating the team’s plays, showcasing exceptional ball control and precision in passing. His ability to dictate the tempo of the game and distribute the ball with accuracy establishes him as a valuable asset, playing a crucial role in the team’s midfield control.


In the attacking front, Sphesihle Maduna plays a pivotal role, utilizing his speed and agility to confound defenders. His rapid sprints and creative dribbling skills not only bewilder opponents but also create numerous scoring opportunities, injecting dynamism into the team’s offensive maneuvers.


Bongi Ntuli, occupying the position of a natural goal poacher, consistently exploits scoring chances with his adept positioning. His sharp-shooting prowess and capacity to hold off defenders make him a constant threat to the opposition. Ntuli’s ability to score crucial goals underscores his instincts and effectiveness as a striker for the team, adding a potent dimension to the attacking lineup.

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Starting lineup for AmaZulu vs Mamelodi Sundowns Today

Official lineups will be outlined below along with match results in live score updates.

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Key Players in the Line-Up for Mamelodi Sundowns

Ronwen Williams, widely acknowledged as one of Africa’s premier goalkeepers, is poised to exhibit his exceptional skills once again.

His performance in the upcoming game is anticipated to play a pivotal role in ensuring the team’s defensive integrity, showcasing his prowess as a reliable guardian of the goal.


Peter Shalulile, the Namibian attacker, stands out as a player commanding close attention. Joining Mamelodi Sundowns at the start of the previous season, Shalulile’s impact transcends his impressive goal-scoring record. His consistent ability to find the back of the net adds a lethal dimension to the team’s attacking force.

Beyond scoring, Shalulile’s intelligence in movement, adept link-up play, and knack for creating goal-scoring opportunities for teammates establish him as a vital asset for Mamelodi Sundowns. His influence positions him as a key player to closely watch, serving as a driving force behind the team’s offensive success.

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Thapelo Morena, a linchpin for Mamelodi Sundowns, showcases remarkable versatility by seamlessly transitioning between midfield and defensive positions.

His strategic adaptability provides the team with a dynamic edge, and Morena’s exceptional speed and dribbling skills make him a formidable presence on the flanks. Whether initiating attacks or providing defensive stability, Morena’s multifaceted skill set renders him a valuable asset for the team.


At the heart of Mamelodi Sundowns’ midfield is Martin Allende, a key playmaker renowned for his exceptional vision and passing accuracy. Allende orchestrates the team’s attacking plays with finesse, consistently creating goal-scoring opportunities.

His ability to control and retain possession under pressure adds a crucial dimension to the team’s midfield, enabling them to dictate the tempo of the game. Allende’s contributions solidify his role as a pivotal figure in Mamelodi Sundowns’ strategic gameplay.

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Predicted Line-Ups

AmaZulu Durban may initiate the game with: Veli Mothwa, Mbongeni Gumede, Riaan Hanamub, Abbubaker Mobara, Ramahlwe Mphahlele, Ethan Brooks, Sede Junior Dion, Rowan Human, Wayde Jooste, Ben Motshwari, and Celimpilo Ngema.

Mamelodi Sundowns may initiate the match with: Ronwen Williams, Rushine De Reuck, Mosa Lebusa, Terrence Mashego, Brian Onyango, Sphelele Mkhulise, Thapelo Morena, Lucas Ribeiro Costa, Lebohang Maboe, Neo Maema, and Peter Shalulile.


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