Starting Lineup For Arsenal vs Man United: Live Score 03.09.2023

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starting lineup for Arsenal vs Man United on this page for EPL Fixtures Today, along with results that are updated in Live Match Score.

You can follow the starting lineup for Arsenal vs Man United on this page for EPL Fixtures Today, along with results that are updated in Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: At Emirates Stadium in England, the Premier League Match between Arsenal FC and Manchester United will begin on September 3, 2023.

Starting Lineups with Live score

You can compare the starting lineup for Arsenal vs Man United, as well as significant events and the live match score, below.


Arsenal vs Manchester United Peview

In their prior games, Arsenal had won twice (against Newcastle United and Wolverhampton Wanderers), lost twice (against Brighton & Hove Albion, and Nottingham Forest), and drew once (against Nürnberg). Arsenal was able to score 6 goals while giving up 7 (6-7).

The current league season saw an average of 1 goal scored by Arsenal per game. In terms of discipline, the home team committed 0.00 fouls (on average) each game, receiving 1 yellow and 0 red cards. Arsenal’s squad rating is often zero per game.

With an average possession percentage of 65.00% this season, Arsenal appears to be adept at maintaining possession.

In their previous five games, Manchester United has won four (against AFC Bournemouth, Chelsea, Fulham, and Leeds United), lost one (against Manchester City), and had no draws. The club managed to score four goals while giving up ten (4–10).

Manchester United averaged two goals and zero goals against when playing away. The team committed no fouls overall, but was issued one yellow card and none red. The average team rating for Manchester United is 0 per game.

Manchester United has excellent ball possession, averaging 62.00% throughout the season.

Arsenal vs Man United Head-to-Head Matches

In their 42 previous meetings, Arsenal and Manchester United have a rather strong head-to-head record, with Arsenal winning 12 and Manchester United taking 20 victories. Ten of the games ended in draws.

In head-to-head matches, Arsenal managed to score 49 goals while Manchester United managed to score 66. Manchester United now holds the overall advantage in head-to-head matches with 20 victories to Arsenal’s 12.

Recent head-to-head matches between Arsenal and Manchester United reveal that this matchup is quite even and that no team is currently dominating the direct encounters.


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