Starting Lineup For Astana vs Ordabasy: with Live Score

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On this sports page, you can follow the Starting Lineup For Astana vs Ordabasy along with results updated in Live Match Score.

Match Info

Astana will host FC Ordabasy on June 28, 2023, at 13:00 UTC. This game is part of the Cup Playoffs.

Astana vs Ordabasy: Starting Lineup with Live Score


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Match Facts: Head-to-Head:

FC Astana and Ordabasy Shymkent have played 43 games so far.

FC Astana won 27 straight games. Ordabasy Shymkent won nine games. Seven matches were drawn. Both sides scored 2.84 goals per match on average in direct matches.

FC Astana averaged 2.02 goals per match this season. Total goals (team and opponent) were over 1.5 goals in 19 (82.61%) of home matches. Total goals (team and opponent) were over 2.5 goals in 17 (73.91%) home matches in season 2023.

In season 2023, Ordabasy Shymkent averaged 2.08 goals per match. Total goals (team and opponent) were over 1.5 goals in 4 (66.67%) away matches. Total goals were scored by the away team in three (50.00%) of the matches played. More than 2.5 goals.


After competing against one another less than a year ago, all players are eager to face battle again on April 2, 2023. The manager of the loser has high expectations for the team.

The squad scored no goals against FC Astana, who won the previous game with two goals.

FC Astana won the last two of the three matches they played against FC Ordabasy. They are also anticipated to win this match. FC Astana scored six goals in their last three action-packed encounters, while FC Ordabasy only managed four.

Temperatures in Astana are expected to reach a high of 22°C today, according to forecasts. However, with the possibility of heavy rain, the teams may find it difficult to play a 90-minute encounter.

Sports betting necessitates a thorough understanding of previous playing history, player lineups, and the number of goals expected.
If you want to win, you need always keep the following facts in mind: Both teams will reconvene in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, on September 23, 2023. They’ll play each other again, regardless of the outcome of this match.


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