Starting lineup for Cambodia vs Bangladesh, live scores June 15

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Cambodia vs Bangladesh lineups: official starting lineup Today, results live scores, for this FIFA international Friendly, match on 15th June 2023

It’s time to mark your calendars as both nations battle it out at Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium. With live scores on the line, every player will be giving their all to secure victory for their respective countries. So sit tight, grab your favorite jersey, and let’s take a look at what we can expect from each team’s starting lineup!


Cambodia vs Bangladesh Match Preview

The upcoming match between Cambodia and Bangladesh is bound to be an exciting one. Both teams will be looking to secure a win for their country, which means we can expect fierce competition on the field.

Cambodia has been preparing hard for this game, having played several friendly matches beforehand. They have trained well and are ready to showcase their skills in front of their home crowd at Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium. Meanwhile, Bangladesh comes into the game with confidence after having a good form in its previous matches.

This match will also mark the first time both nations face off since November 2019 when they played out an intense 1-1 draw. With so much at stake, it’s hard to predict who will come out on top this time around. However, one thing is for sure: football fans are in for a treat as each team tries to prove themselves worthy of taking home the victory!


Cambodia Starting Lineup Key Players

Cambodia will be facing Bangladesh in a crucial match on June 15 and they’ll be hoping to secure a win. To achieve this, the Cambodian coach Keisuke Honda has selected his best starting lineup for this game.

Among the key players who will be starting for Cambodia is Chan Vathanaka. He’s an attacking midfielder with great technical ability and he’ll be responsible for creating chances and scoring goals.

Another important player is Soeuy Visal who plays as a central defender. He’s known for his physicality, aerial prowess, and leadership skills. His presence at the backline will provide much-needed stability to the team’s defense.

In midfield, we have Sieng Chanthea who is expected to play alongside Vathanaka. He’s a box-to-box midfielder with good passing range which helps him link up well with other players in attack while also providing cover defensively.

Upfront, we have Reung Bunheing who is one of Cambodia’s top goal scorers. With his speed and agility, he can easily create space for himself even when heavily marked by opposing defenders.

Cambodia has picked their strongest squad possible to face Bangladesh on June 15th. If these key players perform well together as a team then they stand a good chance of securing all three points from this game!

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Bangladesh Starting Lineup Key Players

Bangladesh is a team that has been steadily improving over the years, and they have some key players in their starting lineup who could make all the difference in their game against Cambodia. Let’s take a closer look at these players.

First up is Jamal Bhuyan, the captain of Bangladesh’s national team. He is a midfield maestro, known for his excellent passing and vision on the field. His ability to control the tempo of the game will be crucial for Bangladesh if they want to dominate possession and create chances.

Another player to watch out for is Mahbubur Rahman Sufil. He plays as an attacking midfielder or winger and possesses lightning-fast pace along with excellent dribbling skills which can create havoc among opposition defenses.

Then there’s Tawhidul Alam Sabuz, one of Bangladesh’s most promising young talents. At just 20 years old he had already made quite an impression with his explosive pace and trickery on the ball.

We have Nabib Newaj Jibon – another talented youngster who plays as a striker for his country. With his speed and agility combined with strong finishing ability, he can be expected to put pressure on Cambodia’s defense throughout this match

These four players are just some of Bangladesh’s many talented stars – but it will take more than individual brilliance from any one player alone if they want to secure victory against Cambodia today!

Official Cambodia vs Bangladesh XI and Live match Scores




How to watch the game

Whether you are a fan of Cambodia or Bangladesh, this match promises to be an exciting one. With both teams eager to secure the win, it is definitely worth tuning in for.

To catch all the action live on June 15th, there are several options available. The game will be broadcasted on different TV channels worldwide and depending on your location, you can choose your preferred channel to watch the match.

Additionally, many online streaming sites will also provide coverage of this event so that viewers can enjoy watching from anywhere around the world.


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