Starting lineup for Jamaica vs Jordan, live scores June 19

Jamaica vs Jordan lineups: official National Team starting lineup and match results live scores Today, International Friendly 2023

Jamaica vs Jordan lineups: official National Team starting lineup and match results live scores Today, International Friendly 2023

The teams have been preparing tirelessly for this moment, and with the starting lineups announced, it’s time to analyze each team’s key players and make a prediction of what we can expect from the game.

Match Preview

The Jamaica vs Jordan match is one that has been discussed by football enthusiasts for weeks. Both teams have a lot to prove in this game, and the stakes are high. The match will be held at the Stadion Miejski w Gdyni stadium in Poland, and fans from both sides are expected to turn up in large numbers.

Jamaica comes into this game with an impressive track record, having won five of their last eight matches. On the other hand, Jordan’s recent form has been inconsistent, having only won three of their last eight games. However, it would be unwise to underestimate them as they possess a talented squad capable of causing an upset.

Both teams will be eager to start strong and gain early momentum. Jamaica’s quick attacking style could cause problems for Jordan’s defense if they don’t remain vigilant throughout the entire match.

With so much on the line for both teams, we can expect an intense battle full of twists and turns until the final whistle blows!

Official Starting Line Ups and Match Results Live Scores

Starting Lineups Key Players

The starting lineups for Jamaica vs Jordan are expected to feature some of the best players from both sides.

For Jamaica, goalkeeper Andre Blake is a vital component of their defense and has been in impressive form lately. He will be supported by defenders Kemar Lawrence and Alvas Powell who are known for their physicality and ability to shut down opposition attacks.

In midfield, Jamaica’s captain Andre Lewis will look to control the game with his passing skills while Leon Bailey‘s pace on the wing could cause problems for Jordan’s defense. Up front, Shamar Nicholson will lead the attack with his clinical finishing ability.


Jordan also has some key players who can make a difference in this match. Their goalkeeper Amer Shafi is experienced and has been consistent in recent games. Defenders Anas Bani Yaseen and Tareq Khattab provide stability at the back while Ahmad Ersan‘s creativity in midfield could unlock Jamaica’s defense.

At striker, Musa Al-Taamari is expected to lead Jordan’s attack as he brings speed, skill, and an eye for goal. It remains to be seen how these key players perform on June 19th but they certainly have what it takes to influence the outcome of this match!

Jamaica vs Jordan Prediction

Based on the starting lineups and key players, Jamaica vs Jordan is expected to be a thrilling match. It’s going to be tough for each team as they both have talented players who are ready to give their best in every second of the game.

However, taking into account recent performances and form, Jamaica seems to have an edge over Jordan. With their attacking prowess and strong defense, they are likely to dominate the game from start till end.

Therefore, our prediction is that Jamaica will win this match with a scoreline of 2-1 against Jordan. But no matter what happens on June 19th, we can expect an intense game filled with passion and excitement from both teams.

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