Starting lineup for Mamelodi Sundowns vs Cape Town Spurs 13/12/2023

Starting lineup for Mamelodi Sundowns vs Cape Town Spurs

Check out the Starting lineup for Mamelodi Sundowns vs Cape Town Spurs today along with live score results, we preview the squad and predict the first eleven as we wait for official Line-Ups.

Match info: On December 13, Mamelodi Sundowns will face Cape Town Spurs in a Premier League South Africa match, with the kickoff scheduled for 19:30 ZA local time.


Starting lineup for Mamelodi Sundowns vs Cape Town Spurs

We are providing real-time updates on team formations and line-ups for the upcoming Mamelodi Sundowns vs. Cape Town Spurs match. The starting line-ups for both teams have not been announced yet.

Predicted lineup for Sundowns:

Mamelodi Sundowns began with Ronwen Williams, Abdelmounaim Boutouil, Grant Kekana, Mosa Lebusa, Marcelo Allende, Sphelele Mkhulise, Teboho Mokoena, Khuliso Mudau, Lucas Ribeiro Costa, Themba Zwane, and Peter Shalulile.

Cape Town Spurs predicted lineup:

Sam Ramsbottom, Nazeer Allie, Rushwin Dortley, Nicholus Lukhubeni, Chumani Butsaka, Jarrod Moroole, Michael Morton, Siyanda Msani, Luke Baartman, Ashley Cupido, and Luvuyo Phewa. Stay tuned for the latest updates as we await the official starting line-ups for the upcoming game.

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Official Lineup and live score

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Line-Ups Preview

Let us preview the key players from both teams:

Mamelodi starting lineup preview

Below is the preview of the line-up for Mamelodi Sundowns focusing on Key Players’ playing skills and abilities.

Ronwen Williams:

Acknowledged as one of Africa’s foremost goalkeepers, Ronwen Williams is set to showcase his exceptional skills once again in the upcoming match. His performance is expected to be instrumental in preserving the team’s defensive solidity, highlighting his expertise in making crucial saves and orchestrating the organization of the defensive line.


Peter Shalulile:

Peter Shalulile, an outstanding Namibian forward, has left a significant mark since joining Mamelodi Sundowns. While his goal-scoring prowess stands out as a crucial aspect of his impact, Shalulile brings more than just scoring ability to the game. His consistent knack for finding the back of the net adds a potent dimension to the team’s attacking prowess.

Beyond his goal-scoring abilities, Shalulile’s intelligent movement, adept link-up play, and proficiency in creating goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates establish him as a vital asset for Mamelodi Sundowns. His dynamic contributions make him a player of immense importance, serving as a driving force behind the team’s offensive success. Keep an eye on Shalulile as he continues to be a key player, influencing Mamelodi Sundowns’ attacking strategies.


Thapelo Morena:

Thapelo Morena serves as a linchpin for Mamelodi Sundowns, demonstrating remarkable versatility by seamlessly transitioning between midfield and defensive positions. His strategic adaptability provides the team with a dynamic edge, and Morena’s exceptional speed and dribbling skills make him a formidable presence on the flanks.

Whether initiating attacks or offering defensive stability, Morena’s multifaceted skill set establishes him as a valuable asset for the team, contributing significantly to their overall effectiveness. His ability to excel in different roles adds a layer of tactical flexibility to Mamelodi Sundowns, making him a key player to watch for his impactful contributions on both ends of the pitch.


Martin Allende:

Operating at the core of Mamelodi Sundowns’ midfield, Martin Allende stands out as a key playmaker renowned for his exceptional vision and precise passing accuracy. Allende adeptly orchestrates the team’s attacking plays with finesse, consistently crafting goal-scoring opportunities.

His capacity to control and retain possession under pressure adds a crucial dimension to the team’s midfield, allowing them to dictate the tempo of the game. Allende’s proficiency in these aspects establishes him as a pivotal element in Mamelodi Sundowns’ overall strategy, contributing significantly to their success on the field.


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