Starting Lineup For Platense vs Lanús with Live Score

Platense vs Lanús: Starting Lineup with Live Score

On this sports page, you can follow the Starting Lineup For Platense vs Lanús along with results updated in Live Match Score.

Platense is now ranked 12th, while Lans is ranked 4th. Do you want to compare the highest-rated player on each team’s starting lineup?

Match Info

Platense will face Lans on 30 June 2023 at 22:00 UTC at the Estadio Ciudad de Vicente Lopez stadium in Florida City, Argentina. The game is part of Liga Profesional.

Starting Lineup with Live Score


Lineups Key Players

On the Platense side, Lanús should keep an eye on striker Vicente Taborda. On the field, his speed and agility make him a tough opponent. Midfielder Ignacio Schor, who provides experience and quality to the team, is another crucial player to keep an eye on.

On the other side of the pitch stands CA Lanús, ready to unleash their offensive firepower led by José Sand. The experienced striker has consistently proven himself as a lethal finisher throughout his career and is expected to pose substantial threats inside the box. Alongside him is midfielder Tomás Belmonte; his tireless work rate combined with exceptional tackling skills make him a formidable force in both attack and defense.

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