Starting Lineup For Riga vs Rīgas FS: Live Score 30 Jun

Riga vs Rīgas FS: Starting Lineup with Live Score

On this sports page, you can follow the Riga vs Rīgas FS Starting Lineup as well as the results as they are updated in the Virsliga Live Match Score.

During this season, Riga FC faced RFS twice. Riga FC is now in first place, and RFS is in second. Looking to compare the top player in the starting lineups of both teams?

Match Info

The match between Riga vs RFS will begin on June 30, 2023, at 17:00 UTC. The game is a Virsliga contest.

Starting Lineups with Live score


Key Players in the Starting Lineups

Riga’s squad list includes a few well-known performers. With two goals in nine appearances, forward Marko Dabro has been one of their more reliable players this season. Milo Joji, a midfielder, also brings much-needed flare and imagination to the area.

Rgas FS’ forward Andrej Ili has scored 12 goals in 18 games this season, which is very impressive. Due to his ability to score goals and create opportunities for his teammates, he is a crucial part of his team. Petr Mare, a midfielder, is another player to watch out for because to his superb ball control and passing skills, which frequently result in scoring opportunities.

Both sides have strong backs who can hold their own against any attack in defense. It will be intriguing to watch how these important players perform today and see if they can help their teams win.

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