Starting Lineup for UCD vs Drogheda United: Live Score Jul 14

UCD – Drogheda United: Starting Lineup with Live Score

On this sports page, you can follow the Starting Lineup For UCD vs Drogheda United along with results updated in Live Match Score.

Info About the Match

UCD will face off against Drogheda United on July 14, 2023, at 18:45 UTC. The game is in the Premier Division.

This season, UCD faced Drogheda United in two games. UCD is now ranked 10th, while Drogheda United is in 8th place.

Starting Lineup with Live score


UCD: Lineup Key Players

Kian Moore, UCD’s goalie, is one of the team’s greatest players. He has played an important role in keeping his side’s defense strong, which will be critical while facing a potent attacking club.

Ciaran Behan, a midfielder, is another important player to watch. He has contributed offensively and defensively while playing with incredible talent and innovation on the field. His ability to command the midfield could be critical to UCD’s success.

Alex Nolan, a striker, has been a key contributor for UCD this season. Because of his speed and agility, he is a continuous threat to opposition defenders, and he will undoubtedly aim to enhance his goal total.

Drogheda United: Lineup Key Players

Drogheda’s attacking combination of Freddie Draper and Adam Foley will be vital in creating chances for their club. Meanwhile, Gary Deegan’s work rate and defensive skills will be critical in this match.

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