Starting lineup for Venezuela vs Honduras, live scores June 16

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Venezuela vs Honduras lineups: official starting lineup Today, results live scores, for this FIFA international Friendly, match on 16th June 2023.

Get ready for an exciting match on June 16th as Venezuela takes on Honduras in a live football game. The starting lineups have been announced and we’re counting down the minutes until kickoff. Both teams are bringing their A-game, with key players that will undoubtedly make this match one to remember.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the starting lineup for both teams, highlighting some of the standout players you won’t want to miss. Plus, we’ll give you all the details on how to watch the game so you don’t have to miss a single moment of the action!


Venezuela Starting Lineup Key Players

Venezuela is set to make its mark on the pitch with a strong starting lineup, led by some key players who are sure to bring their A-game. First up is goalkeeper Wuilker Farinez, who has made a name for himself thanks to his lightning-fast reflexes and impressive saves.

In defense, Venezuela will be relying heavily on Mikel Villanueva and Luis Mago. Both players have shown incredible skill at blocking shots and holding off opposing teams, making them an essential part of the team’s strategy.

Moving into midfield, we have Tomas Rincon – one of the most experienced players on the Venezuelan squad. He’ll be joined by Junior Moreno and Jefferson Savarino – both known for their speed and agility when it comes to maneuvering around opponents.

In attack, Venezuela will be counting on Salomon Rondon to lead the charge. With his impressive strength and accuracy when taking shots at goal, he’s expected to put Honduras’ defense through its paces.


Key Players in the Starting lineup for Honduras

Honduras is a team that boasts of several key players who can make the difference in their starting lineup. First on the list is Anthony Lozano, a striker known for his excellent finishing skills and great positioning inside the box. He has been in great form this season, scoring 10 goals for his club side Cadiz CF.

Another key player to watch out for is Alberth Elis, who plays as a winger for Boavista FC. He possesses blistering pace and agility which makes him very difficult to defend against. With his dribbling skills and ability to take on defenders one-on-one, he could be instrumental in creating chances for Honduras.

In midfield, Bryan Acosta will be hoping to impose himself on the game and dictate play from the center of the park. The CD Tenerife midfielder is known for his physicality and work rate off-the-ball while also possessing an eye for goal when needed.

The Honduran defense will also have some experienced heads at its disposal with Maynor Figueroa leading from behind. The veteran defender has over 160 international caps under his belt and brings invaluable experience alongside fellow central defender Marcelo Pereira.

Honduras’ starting lineup looks strong with each player bringing different qualities to the table making it difficult to pinpoint just one standout performer. It will be interesting to see how they fare against Venezuela’s starting eleven come matchday!


Official Starting lineup Venezuela vs Honduras, live scores


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How to watch the game

In order to catch the exciting match between Venezuela and Honduras, there are a few ways to watch it live. For viewers in the United States, the game will be broadcasted on Fox Sports 1 at 10:00 PM EST. Additionally, you can stream the game on fuboTV or Sling TV if you have a subscription.

For fans located in Venezuela and Honduras, check your local listings for channels that will be airing the match. It’s always important to double-check before kickoff so that you don’t miss any of the action.

This matchup is sure to be an intense battle between two talented teams fighting for victory. With star players from both sides taking center stage, we can expect some thrilling moments throughout all ninety minutes of play. Don’t forget to tune in and support your favorite team!


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