Starting lineups for Paraguay vs Nicaragua: Live Scores June 18

Paraguay vs Nicaragua lineups: official National Team starting lineup and match results live scores Today, International Friendly 2023

Paraguay vs Nicaragua lineups: official National Team starting lineup and match results live scores Today, International Friendly 2023

As we countdown the days until the big event, let’s take a closer look at each team’s starting lineup and key players. Will Paraguay come out on top or will Nicaragua stun us all? Let’s dive into the details and make our predictions!


Paraguay Starting Lineup Key Players

Paraguay will be bringing their A-game to the field with a strong starting lineup.

First up, we have Gustavo Gomez, who is known for his exceptional defending skills and leadership on the field. With him in charge of the backline, Paraguay will be sure to stay organized and secure.

Next on the list is Miguel Almiron. This midfielder has been consistently impressive for his club team and is expected to bring that same level of skill to this match. His speed and creativity will provide an added element of unpredictability to Paraguay’s offense.

Up top, we have two key players: Oscar Romero and Angel Romero. Both brothers have proven themselves as top-notch strikers time and time again. They possess excellent ball control skills, quick reflexes, and are always ready to take advantage of any opportunities that come their way.

Paraguay’s starting lineup looks solid and well-rounded with plenty of talented players in every position. It’ll be exciting to see how they fare against a tough Nicaragua side!


Nicaragua Starting lineup Key Players

Nicaragua’s starting lineup for their match against Paraguay is a mixture of experienced and young players.

One key player to keep an eye on is goalkeeper, Henry Maradiaga, who has proven himself as a reliable shot-stopper in recent matches. He will be tasked with keeping out the opposition’s attacks.

In defense, Luis Copete and Erick Téllez are expected to start as center-backs. They will need to communicate effectively and stay organized against Paraguay’s attacking threats.

In midfield, Nicaragua will rely heavily on Juan Barrera, who is known for his creativity and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities for his team-mates. He could be supported by the likes of Harold Medina or Carlos Chavarria in central midfield positions.

Up front, Nicaragua may deploy striker Luis Galeano alongside Henry Garcia or Byron Bonilla on either wing. These forwards have shown glimpses of their potential in past games but will need to be clinical in front of goal if they want to help secure a victory for their team.

Nicaragua’s starting lineup has some exciting individual talents that could cause problems for Paraguay if they manage to work together cohesively as a unit.

Official Paraguay vs Nicaragua Starting Line Ups, Live Scores


Predicted Results

Based on the starting lineups for Paraguay and Nicaragua, it’s clear that both teams have talented players who can make a difference. However, Paraguay seems to have an edge over Nicaragua considering their past performance in international matches.

In terms of predicted results, we believe that Paraguay will emerge victorious with a scoreline 2-0 against Nicaragua. The match promises to be an exciting one as both teams battle it out for the win.

As always in football, anything is possible and predictions are not always accurate. We’ll just have to wait and see how the game unfolds on June 18th. Don’t forget to stay tuned for live scores updates!

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