Swallows Starting Lineup vs Cape Town City With Live Score 09.08.2023

Moroka Swallows vs Cape Town City starting lineup and the results as they are updated in the Live Match Score on this PSL Fixtures page today.

Prepare to dive into an engaging comparison of the starting lineup for Moroka Swallows vs Cape Town City. We will also be delving into pivotal events and providing live match score updates, all of which are detailed below. Get ready to immerse yourself in this gripping sports narrative.

Info About the Match: This Premier League match will start at 17:30 local time on August 9, 2023, in Johannesburg at the Volkswagen Dobsonville Stadium.

The Moroka Swallows’ players to watch in the upcoming match

If you’re a fan of South African football, you must be anxiously waiting for the upcoming clash between Moroka Swallows and Cape Town City. It’s set to be an exciting match, and several players are in the Moroka Swallows’ starting lineup who could turn the tide in their favour. Let’s take a detailed look at these standout players.

Kwanda Mngonyama

At the top of our list is Kwanda Mngonyama. The veteran Center-back brings a wealth of experience to Moroka Swallows’ defense. His tactical acumen and technical prowess on the field make him a key player in the team’s defensive strategy.

Victor Bakah

Striker Victor Bakah, the talented winger, is another player to watch. His speed and agility, coupled with his ability to deliver precise crosses into the box, make him a significant threat to any opposition’s defense. Bakah’s ability to exploit space and create scoring opportunities cannot be understated.

Andile Jali

The Swallows’ midfield is anchored by Andile Jali. Known for his ability to control the tempo of the game, Jali’s passing range, vision, and ball-winning abilities make him a central figure in the team’s game plan.

Kagiso Malinga

Up front, we have Kagiso Malinga, a player whose goal-scoring prowess has been instrumental in the Swallows’ recent successes. Malinga’s attacking flair, sharp shooting, and positional awareness make him a constant menace to opposing teams.

Keep an eye on these players as they could very well shape the outcome of the match. Their experience, skills, and individual brilliance can be the game-changer Moroka Swallows needs to secure victory against Cape Town City.

So, as we gear up for what promises to be an exhilarating match, let’s hope these key players bring their A-game and deliver a thrilling performance for all the football fans out there. Remember, in football, it’s not just about the final score, but also about the journey to it. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacle that is South African football.

Swallows Starting Lineup vs Cape Town City With Live Score


Moroka Swallows Form

Moroka Swallows won 4 games (Maritzburg United, Kaizer Chiefs, Royal AM, Marumo Gallants FC) and had no losses, with 1 draw against Golden Arrows. They scored 4 goals and conceded 5 (4-5).

They averaged 1 goal per match this season. The team received 4 yellow cards and no red cards, with an average of 12.00 fouls per match. Their average team rating is 6.53 per match.

Moroka Swallows has an average possession of 61.00% this season.

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Cape Town City Form

Cape Town City has won 4 out of their last 5 matches (Royal AM, Richards Bay, Kaizer Chiefs, Polokwane City), none lost and 1 draw against Golden Arrows. The team scored 3 and conceded 4 goals.

In away games, Cape Town City scored an average of 1 goal per match and conceded none. They received 1 yellow card, no red cards and committed 15 fouls. The team’s average rating is 7.12 per match.

Ball possession for Cape Town City is average this season at 50.00%.


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