Tukums vs FC Daugavpils Lineups, Live Score Results 01/09/2023

Tukums vs FC Daugavpils Lineups, Live Score Results

Follow the live score update for the Virsliga fixtures today Tukums vs FC Daugavpils, you will be able to check the official starting lineups.

Match info: Kick off is at 17:00 on 01 Sep 2023 in Tukums at Tukuma pilsētas stadions.

Head-to-Head Matches:

There have been 11 meetings between Tukums and FC Daugavpils in the previous seasons, with FC Daugavpils winning 6 games and Tukums winning 2. Three of the games were drawn.
In head-to-head matches, Tukums managed to score 10 goals while FC Daugavpils managed to score 20. FC Daugavpils has 6 victories overall in head-to-head matches, while Tukums has only two victories.
When comparing recent encounters between FC Daugavpils and Tukums, FC Daugavpils has a 2-1 advantage in the straight encounters.

FK Tukums vs FC Daugavpils Lineups with Live Score Results

You can confirm the official starting lineup as well as significant events and the live match score, below.

Tukums – FC Daugavpils Live Score

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Tukums vs FC Daugavpils Predicted Lineups

We consider past performance of players on a team when evaluating possible lineups.

Possible Starting XI for FK Tukums 2000:

  • Vladislavs Kapustins
  • Maroine Mihoubi
  • Maksims Sidorovs
  • Rudolfs Reingolcs
  • Deniss Rogovs
  • Bogdans Samoilovs
  • Kristaps Kārlis Krieviņš
  • Pedro A. L. de Jesus
  • Kristiāns Kaušelis
  • Kristaps Puzānovs
  • Mikaze Nagasawa


Possible Starting XI For FC Daugavpils:

  • Vladislavs Kurakins
  • Dāvis Cucurs
  • Aleksejs Kudelkins
  • Rinalds Aizups
  • Jaroslav Harušťák
  • Bawa Zuure
  • Ervīns Piņaskins
  • Emīls Urbāns
  • Ramin Nəsirli
  • Barkovskis
  • Ugen Shimave

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Tukums Recent Performance

Tukums had previously performed for FS Jelgava, Valmiera, Rgas FS, and Liepja. Additionally, they had a game versus Auda that was a tie. Tukums managed to score five goals while conceding twelve (5–12).

During the current league season, FK Tukums 2000 averaged 1.3 goals per game. Average fouls per game for the home squad were 13.63, resulting in 65 total yellow cards and 3 total red cards for the team. Tukums’ average team rating per game is 0.

With an average possession percentage of 47.41%, Tukums has had trouble holding onto the ball this season.

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FC Daugavpils Recent Performance

In their last five games, FC Daugavpils have won just one (Valmiera), lost four (Riga, Rgas FS, Liepja, Auda), and had no draws. The score was 5 goals for and 5 goals against (5-).

FC Daugavpils averaged 1.19 goals and 1.48 goals per game when playing away. A total of 329 fouls were committed, and the squad was given 58 yellow and one red card. The team rating for FC Daugavpils is often zero every game.

FC Daugavpils has had poor ball possession this season, averaging just 47.25% overall.


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