2023/2024 Stellenbosch Players: Squad Preview

2023/2024 Stellenbosch Players: Team Squad

As football fans, we are always curious to know about the latest updates on our favorite teams. With the new season approaching, it’s time to take a closer look at Stellenbosch FC’s team squad for 2023/2024. From experienced veterans to promising young talents, this team has it all! So without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting world of Stellenbosch FC and discover who will be leading them toward glory in the upcoming season.


Every football team needs a capable custodian, and Stellenbosch FC has a number of outstanding keepers guarding their goal this season. The team’s first-choice custodian is Lee Langeveldt, an experienced professional who has been with the club for a while. Because of his knowledge and leadership abilities, he will undoubtedly play a significant role in motivating his teammates on the field.

Along with Langeveldt, there are two further young goalies to watch out for this season: Masuluke Oscarine and Dejean Ah Shene. Both players have demonstrated exceptional reflexes and shot-stopping abilities in practise, which might be helpful in game-changing circumstances.

The goalkeepers for Stellenbosch FC are some of the greatest in the world, and they are trusted to make crucial saves. Due to their combined talents, they have an advantage over many rivals they may face in the upcoming season!


Any football team’s defence is its skeleton. The goal is defended, and the other team is prevented from scoring. In the roster for Stellenbosch in 2023/2024, there are a number of excellent defenders who can be trusted to keep their opponents at bay.

One of them is Ismail Zuma, a strong center-back with exceptional positioning awareness and aerial abilities. Because of his agility on his feet, he is capable of making desperate tackles when needed.

Another defender to pay attention to is Fawaaz Basadien, a versatile player who can play in many positions across the backline. He frequently engages in offensive play and possesses exceptional ball-control skills.

Ismael Olivier Touré is another exciting young player on the Stellenbosch defence. He is skilled at understanding the game and makes timely interceptions to thwart opposition attacks before they become a threat.

With these defenders in their ranks, Stellenbosch might be hopeful that they can continue their trend of flawless games this season. If they wish to succeed at home and on the continent in the following seasons, these guys will be crucial.


The middle of any football team is made up of its midfielders. They work together with their teammates to produce opportunities and outwit rivals, contributing significantly to both offence and defence. The midfield talent of Stellenbosch FC has a lot of potential for the 2023/2024 season.

First up is seasoned player Sibongiseni Mthethwa. His vision and passing range have made him a valued member of Stellenbosch’s midfield for many seasons. This season, he’ll be playing alongside young athletes like Jayden Adams and Devin Titus who have already made an impression in the lower divisions.

Due to a blend of available youth and experience, Stellenbosch’s midfield seems primed to command the pitch this season. A lot of energy is present because players consistently innovate.

It is uncertain how coach Peter Petersen will fit all of these outstanding players into the starting lineup for Stellenbosch FC, but their star-studded midfield will definitely put on some brilliant performances.


With some of the most talented and exciting players in South African football, the attacking line of the 2023/2024 Stellenbosch FC team is especially powerful. The offensive is being led by Iqraam Rayners, a squad member since 2022.

With his speed, agility, and exquisite finishing ability, Rayners consistently poses a threat to his opponents’ defences and frequently scores crucial goals. He is joined in the assault by up-and-comers Mervin Boji and Dean David van Rooyen, both of whom have shown a great deal of potential in previous seasons.

Together, these three forwards possess the quality, speed, strength, and unyielding drive required to lead Stellenbosch FC to victory this season. Their attacking brilliance is on full display every game day, so it makes sense why their followers are interested in what they’ll do next.

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