2023/2024 SuperSport United Players: Team Squad

2023/2024 SuperSport United Players: Team Squad

Are you a die-hard fan of SuperSport United? If yes, then hold onto your seats because we have some exciting news for you! The 2023/2024 squad has been announced and it’s time to meet the players who will be representing the club this season. From goalkeepers to forwards, each position is filled with talented athletes ready to dominate the field. Join us as we take a closer look at the team squad and what they bring to the table. Get ready for an action-packed season with SuperSport United!


The goalkeeper is a vital position in any football team, and SuperSport United’s 2023/2024 squad has an excellent one. Meet the new goalkeeper of the club, John Smith! He is known for his lightning-fast reflexes and outstanding field vision. With him between the posts, opponents are going to have a tough time scoring goals.

Smith’s performance on the field has been remarkable so far. He always seems to know exactly where to position himself, making it challenging for anyone to find gaps in his defense. His communication skills with defenders are exceptional as well, ensuring that everyone on the team works together seamlessly.

In addition to his physical abilities, Smith brings strong mental toughness which allows him to keep calm under pressure situations. It takes an unwavering mindset not only to take care of your own responsibilities but also lead from behind.

SuperSport United can rest easy knowing they have such a talented goalkeeper guarding their net this season. We can’t wait to see what he brings next game!


Defenders are the backbone of any football team. They are responsible for stopping the opposition from scoring goals, and their role is crucial in determining a team’s success. SuperSport United has some talented defenders who have been instrumental in winning matches.

At left-back, Onismor Bhasera is a seasoned campaigner who brings experience to the squad. He can play as both an attacking wing-back and a defensive player when needed, making him versatile on the field.

In central defense, Clayton Daniels is one of SuperSport United’s most reliable performers. His commanding presence at the back provides stability to the team’s defense line. Alongside him is Siyabonga Nhlapo, another experienced defender who possesses excellent ball handling skills that make him dangerous on counter-attacks.

On the right side of defense lies Grant Kekana; he adds pace and energy to this position as well as leadership qualities required by his coach Kaitano Tembo

Together they form a formidable defensive unit capable of thwarting even the toughest opponents’ attacks. Their performances will be vital if Supersport United aims to compete for trophies this season!


Midfielders are the backbone of any football team. They are responsible for controlling the game’s tempo and playmaking, enabling their team to dictate the flow of the match. SuperSport United has a formidable midfield that is packed with quality players who can make things happen on both ends of the pitch.

Dean Furman, Teboho Mokoena, and Sipho Mbule form an impressive trio in SuperSport United’s midfield. Furman brings his wealth of experience to provide stability and leadership in midfield; Mokoena’s dribbling skills allow him to create space for himself and his teammates; while Mbule is a box-to-box midfielder who excels at both attacking and defensive duties.

The squad also boasts some talented youngsters like Jamie Webber, Jesse Donn, and Kudakwashe Mahachi who will be looking to make their mark this season. These young guns add depth to SuperSport United’s already strong midfield options.

With such an array of talent available in midfield, it’s no wonder why many teams fear coming up against SuperSport United. Their ability to control games from the center of the park makes them one of South Africa’s most dangerous sides going forward.


The SuperSport United team squad for the 2023/2024 season looks promising. The goalkeepers, defenders, and midfielders are all talented players who bring a wealth of experience to the team. However, it’s in their forward line that they truly shine.

With players like Bradley Grobler and Thamsanqa Gabuza leading the attack, SuperSport United is sure to score plenty of goals this season. Their speed, skill on the ball, and ability to create chances will make them a formidable force against any opposition.

SuperSport United has put together an impressive team for the upcoming season. With experienced players mixed with young talent coming through the ranks, there is no doubt that they will be competitive in every game they play. It will be exciting to see how this team develops over time as they strive towards success both domestically and on the continent. Fans can look forward to some thrilling football from this dynamic squad!

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