2023/24 Girabola League Fixtures

2023/24 Girabola League Fixtures

Follow the 2023/24 Girabola League Fixtures of the top level of Angolan football known as Campeonato Nacional de Futebol em Séniores Masculinos. There are 16 teams competing in the Angolan Girabola League schedule 23/24 and 240 matches will be played in this season.


2023/24 Girabola League Fixtures

The 2023/24 Season will begin this 15th Sept where 5 games will be played.

Round 1:

Friday 15/09/2023
TBD Desportivo Huila vs Interclube
TBD Kabuscorp vs Sporting de Cabinda
TBD São Salvador vs União de Malanje
TBD Bravos do Maquis vs Lunda Sul
TBD Wiliete vs CRD Lobolo
TBD Clube Desportivo da Huíla vs G.D. Interclube
POST Académica Petróleos do Lobito vs Isaac de Benguela
POST 1º de Agosto vs Petro de Luanda
POST Santa Rita vs G.D. Sagrada Esperança

We will keep updating the fixtures as days comes to the start of the new season.

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About Angola Girabola League

Angola annually hosts the local football league competition known as Girabola. 2023–2024 is the current Girabola season. Girabola is the top tier in Angola. As a result, the league is at the top of the domestic pyramid.

In 22/23 there were currently 240 games scheduled in all, and 457 goals were been scored overall in the 210 games that have been completed. This season, there are 16 teams vying for the championship.


What are the recent Angola 22/223 Girabola results?

The most recent outcomes in Girabola are: GD Interclube vs. CD Primeiro de Agosto (1 – 1), SC Petróleos de Cabinda vs. Santa Rita de Cássia FC (1 – 0), and Sporting Clube de Benguela vs. FC Onze Bravos do Maquis (3 – 2). The last game took place on May 21, 2023. Please check our results and fixtures page to view the remaining game results for this season.


Who is the table leader in 2022/23 Angola Girabola?

Atlético Petróleos Luanda is currently in first place in the Girabola standings with 69 points after 28 games played in the 2022–23 season. This is based on 22 victories, 3 draws, and 3 defeats. Atlético Petróleos Luanda scored 61 goals while also giving up 16 goals.Over the course of the whole 2022–23 season, their points per game average is 2.46.

CD Primeiro de Agosto is ranked second in the Girabola rankings with 61 points accumulated. They are now 8 points behind Atlético Petróleos Luanda in first place and 6 points ahead of GD Sagrada Esperança in third place.


Who are the Top Scorers in Angola Girabola?

The 2023–24 Girabola top scorers have not yet been identified. But below is the 22/23 statstics:

Atlético Petróleos Luanda leads the way with 61 goals scored (30 at home and 31 away), followed by GD Sagrada Esperança with 46 goals (34 at home and 12 away), CD Primeiro de Agosto with 40 goals (21 at home and 19 away), and GD Interclube with 39 goals (29 at home and 10 away).

The teams that are leading the scoring charts at home are: GD Sagrada Esperança with 34 goals at home; Atlético Petróleos Luanda with 30 goals at home; GD Interclube with 29 goals at home; and FC Onze Bravos do Maquis with 24 goals at home.

The top four clubs in terms of away goals scored are GD Sagrada Esperança (12), Atlético Petróleos Luanda (31) Atlético Interclube (10), and FC Onze Bravos do Maquis (11).


Who are the Top Defending Teams in Angola Girabola?

Sporting Clube de Benguela, with 52 goals conceded (23 at home and 29 away), ASK Drago do Uge, with 48 goals conceded (10 at home and 38 away), SC Petróleos de Cabinda, with 45 goals conceded (17 at home and 28 away), and GD Escolinha Isaac de Benguela, with 36 goals conceded (14 at home and 22 away), are the teams that are currently defending well in the Girabola.

The teams with the most clean sheets in the Girabola are GD Sagrada Esperança (13), GD Interclube (13), CD Primeiro de Agosto (13), and Atlético Petróleos Luanda (13).


Where To Follow 2023/24 Girabola League Live Score

On lineupfor.info, you can keep up with all the latest results while also viewing information like as the top players and past or forthcoming schedules. We will sometimes make match live streams available and link to them on the match pages. If there isn’t a live stream, it indicates we couldn’t discover an official channel because all live streams will come from official sources.


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