Facilities at Craven Cottage: What You Can Expect on Match Day

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Exploring the Facilities at Craven Cottage

In this blog post, we’ll explore the facilities at Craven Cottage that make it one of the most sought-after destinations for football lovers, its capacity, Location and Match Day at Craven ottage. From its rich history to state-of-the-art amenities, get ready to experience an unforgettable match day at this legendary stadium!

This iconic stadium has been a hub for football enthusiasts since 1896 and continues to attract thousands of fans every matchday. But what makes Craven Cottage stand out from the rest?

Craven Cottage: A Brief History

Craven Cottage is the home ground of Fulham Football Club. It is located in London and has a rich history that dates back to 1780 when it was a market garden. The venue was transformed into a sports ground in 1894 after being purchased by Henry Norris, who later became the chairman of Arsenal.

The stadium initially had just one stand, but over time more stands were added and improvements made to create the stadium we see today. Craven Cottage’s most significant development occurred in the early nineties when all four stands were rebuilt resulting in an increase of capacity from 6,000 to its current capacity of just under 20,000.

Throughout its history, Craven Cottage has hosted various events other than football matches including rallies during World War II and concerts such as Michael Jackson’s Bad Tour.

In recent years, there have been debates on whether or not to relocate Fulham FC due to limitations imposed by Craven Cottage’s location. However; with such a rich history behind it combined with modern facilities; it seems that this charming stadium will continue to be an important part of English football culture for many years to come.

The Facilities at Craven Cottage


Craven Cottage is one of the oldest football stadiums in London, and it has undergone several renovations over the years to provide fans with modern facilities. The stadium has a capacity of 19,000 seats, making it an intimate venue for watching live football matches.

The main stand at Craven Cottage is known as the Johnny Haynes Stand and offers excellent views of the pitch. Fans can also enjoy pre-match drinks and snacks at various food outlets located around the stadium.

There are several bars within Craven Cottage where fans can relax before or after the match. The Riverside Terrace Bar overlooks the River Thames and offers stunning views of London’s skyline.

The Putney End stand provides more affordable seating options for fans who prefer to watch their team play on a budget. The Hammersmith end features special boxes that cater to corporate guests who want to experience luxury while watching live football.

Craven Cottage provides an enjoyable experience for all types of supporters. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just looking for a fun day out with friends or family, there are plenty of facilities available at this historic stadium to ensure your comfort throughout your visit.

What to Expect on Match Day at Craven ottage

On match day, Craven Cottage comes to life with excitement and energy. As you approach the stadium, you’ll feel a buzz of anticipation in the air. The first thing you will notice is the sea of black-and-white shirts as Fulham fans come together to support their team.

Once inside the stadium, there are plenty of facilities available for both home and away supporters. There are several food and drink outlets that offer a range of options including burgers, hot dogs, pies and beer.

If you want to take your experience up a notch, why not try one of Craven Cottage’s hospitality packages? These provide access to exclusive lounges with great views over the pitch and premium food and drink options.

During half-time, make sure to head out onto the concourse where there are more food stalls available. You can also grab some merchandise at one of the many souvenir shops located around the stadium.

As well as all this excitement off-pitch during half time or before kickoff when walking around outside enjoying pre-match entertainment – on-pitch there is always something going on too! From cheerleaders performing routines or mascots interacting with fans from sidelines; every moment counts towards creating an unforgettable day out at Craven Cottage.

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Craven Cottage Capacity

The home stadium of Fulham Football Club has a capacity of just over 19,000 seats. The stadium has stood in its current location since 1896 and has undergone several renovations throughout the years to increase its seating capacity.

The most recent redevelopment was completed in 2019, which included the addition of new hospitality facilities and an expansion of the Riverside Stand. This increased the overall capacity by approximately 4,000 seats.

Despite being one of London’s smaller stadiums, Craven Cottage offers excellent views from all angles due to its unique design. The stand located on Stevenage Road is particularly popular among fans as it provides an unobstructed view of both ends of the pitch.

With such a limited number of seats available for each game, tickets for matches at Craven Cottage are highly sought after among fans. However, this also creates a fantastic atmosphere inside the ground during match days as supporters pack into every available space to cheer on their team.

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Craven Cottage Design

The cottage-style architecture makes it look like a charming English house with its red-brick exterior and white wooden balconies overlooking the pitch. The design has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure that every fan gets a clear view of the game from their seat.

The seating arrangement is steeply raked, which means everyone is close to the action regardless of where they are seated. One unique feature of Craven Cottage’s design is its placement next to Bishop’s Park, making it perfect for pre-match picnics or post-match strolls along the riverbank.

Overall, Craven Cottage showcases how thoughtful design can elevate a sports facility into something more than just a playing field – it becomes an integral part of people’s lives; shaping memories and passion that lasts forever.

Craven Cottage Location

This football stadium is located in Fulham, London, England. Its official address is Stevenage Road, London SW6 6HH, United Kingdom.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a comprehensive rundown of the facilities at Craven Cottage and what to expect on match day. From the historic stadium itself to the modern amenities available for fans, Craven Cottage offers a unique and enjoyable football experience. And let’s not forget its prime location in one of London’s most charming neighborhoods, making it easy to explore before or after the game.

Whether you’re a die-hard Fulham fan or just looking for a fun football outing, be sure to check out all that Craven Cottage has to offer. With its rich history and top-notch facilities, this iconic stadium is truly worth experiencing firsthand.

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