Gtech Community Stadium Detailed Info About Stadium For Brentford

Gtech Community Stadium Detailed Info About Stadium For Brentford

Gtech Community Stadium Every Detail You Need To Know About Brentford FC’s Stadium

Welcome to the future of football! The Gtech Community Stadium, home to Brentford FC, is not just your ordinary football stadium. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that has captured the hearts of fans and non-fans alike.

Brentford Football Club’s partnership with Gtech Holdings Limited has resulted in the naming of their stadium; the Gtech Community Stadium.

This UK-based company specializes in electronic products such as vacuum cleaners, floor care items, and gardening tools.

Through this agreement, both entities are dedicated to driving innovation and supporting the local community.

With its unique design and world-class amenities, it’s no wonder why this stadium has become one of London’s most popular attractions.

So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a tour of every detail you need to know about Brentford Stadium!


The location of Gtech Community Stadium, also known as Brentford Stadium, is situated in West London. Specifically, it is located on Lionel Road South in Brentford.

One of the benefits of its location is that it is easily accessible by public transport. The nearest station to the stadium is Kew Bridge Station and several bus routes pass through the area as well.

In addition to being conveniently located near transportation options, this stadium also has a lot to offer its visitors within walking distance. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby where fans can grab a bite to eat or drink before or after matches.

But perhaps one of the most exciting things about this location is its proximity to major attractions like Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. Visitors can make an entire day out of their trip by exploring these beautiful green spaces before heading over for a match at Brentford Stadium.

With its central location and easy access via public transport, Brentford Stadium offers fans a convenient and enjoyable experience both inside and outside of the stadium walls.

Design and Specifications

The Gtech Community Stadium has been designed with modernity and innovation in mind. The stadium’s structure is made of steel and glass, giving it a sleek and impressive look. Its exterior design includes a series of arches that form the stadium’s roof.

Inside the stadium, there are four main stands: North, South, East, and West. Each stand provides excellent views of the pitch. There are also executive boxes available for those who want to watch games from a more luxurious perspective.

The pitch itself is state-of-the-art with hybrid technology combining natural grass fibers woven into an artificial turf base layer which gives players optimal grip while preventing damage to the surface during events such as concerts or other non-sporting events.

Furthermore, the stadium boasts some amazing facilities including multiple bars/restaurants providing visitors an array of food options before settling down in their seats to cheer on Brentford FC towards victory! With its advanced lighting system not only illuminating players but creating stunning visuals throughout every game – fans can enjoy every minute under top-notch conditions!

All in all, Gtech Community Stadium offers exceptional quality that rivals even some of Europe’s best stadiums making it one you won’t forget anytime soon!


The Gtech Community Stadium, also known as Brentford Stadium, boasts a capacity of 17,250 seats. The stadium is designed to provide an intimate experience for fans with the stands positioned close to the pitch.

The seating is arranged in four separate stands – West Stand, North Stand, East Stand, and South Stand – each offering excellent views of the playing field. The majority of seats are reserved for home supporters while there are dedicated sections for away fans as well.

One unique feature of the stadium is its use of safe standing technology in selected areas which enables fans to stand during matches without compromising safety standards. This has been proven popular amongst football supporters and adds another dimension to matchday experiences.

With a smaller capacity than many other Premier League grounds, tickets are often in high demand making it advisable to book early if you want to secure your place at this impressive new venue.

Record Attendance

The Brentford Community Stadium is a place that has seen a lot of action since it first opened its doors. As expected, this stadium has had some memorable moments, with one of them being the record attendance achieved during one of Brentford FC’s matches.

In November 2020, Brentford played against Queens Park Rangers in what was an exciting game for both clubs. The game saw over 17 thousand fans pack into the stands to witness their favorite teams in action – making it the highest recorded attendance at the stadium so far. It was indeed a great sight to behold as fans from both sides cheered on their respective teams throughout the game.

This record-breaking event goes to show how passionate football fans are about their sport and how much they love supporting their teams. With such support comes an electric atmosphere that creates an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

It will be interesting to see if this record can be broken in future games or events held at the Gtech Community Stadium. One thing is certain; spectators can expect more thrilling experiences when they come out to watch their favorite sports teams play here!

First Match

The first match at the Gtech Community Stadium will be a historic moment for Brentford Football Club. The anticipation and excitement among fans are palpable, as they eagerly await this milestone event.

The date of the first match is yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to take place in August 2020. Regardless of who Brentford plays against on that day, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience for both players and supporters alike.

As with any new stadium, there may be some teething issues on the day of the first match. However, Brentford FC has a reputation for excellence when it comes to organizing events, so fans can rest assured that everything possible will have to be done to ensure a smooth operation.

Whether you’re attending the game or watching from home, make sure you don’t miss out on this historic occasion. It’s not just about football; it’s about being part of something special and witnessing history in the making.

Dress Code

One of the most important things to keep in mind when attending a football match is the dress code. At Gtech Community Stadium, there is no official dress code enforced for fans. However, it is recommended that you wear clothing that shows support for your team.

Many supporters choose to wear their team’s colors or jerseys and scarves. It’s also important to remember that the weather can be unpredictable, so dressing appropriately for the conditions is key.

While there are no strict rules regarding what you can and cannot wear at Brentford Stadium, it’s worth noting that offensive or inappropriate clothing will not be tolerated. This includes any items with aggressive slogans or imagery.

While there isn’t an official dress code policy at Gtech Community Stadium, wearing your team’s colors and showing support can add to the excitement of match day!

Club Shop

The Club Shop at Gtech Community Stadium is a must-visit for every Brentford FC fan. It offers an extensive range of official merchandise, including home and away jerseys, scarves, hats, keychains, mugs, and much more.

Whether you’re looking to show your support during match day or simply want to add some Brentford gear to your collection, the Club Shop has you covered. The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable about the latest products available.

One thing that sets the Club Shop apart from other team stores is its commitment to sustainability. All replica jerseys sold in the store are made from recycled polyester as part of Brentford’s efforts towards reducing their carbon footprint.

So whether you’re a die-hard Bees supporter or just looking for some unique gifts for friends and family members who love football culture – be sure to stop by the Club Shop on your next visit to Gtech Community Stadium!

Ticket Prices

Are you planning to attend a game at the Gtech Community Stadium? One of the things you need to consider is the ticket prices. The cost of tickets varies depending on several factors such as seat location, opponent team, and match importance.

For league games, Brentford operates a dynamic pricing system that adjusts according to demand. This means prices can change throughout the season based on how well the team is performing or if it’s a big game against local rivalries. Check Brentford’s Tickets.

If you’re looking for more affordable options, then purchasing in advance could save you money. On average, adult tickets range from £25-£45 with concessions for seniors and children available too.

The club also offers hospitality packages that include premium seating and dining experiences before or after the match. These packages may come at an extra cost but offer added perks like exclusive access to private lounges and complimentary drinks.

It’s always important to check ticket availability through official channels like the Brentford FC website or authorized resellers. Avoid buying from unauthorized sources as this puts your security and safety at risk while attending matches.

Away Fans

The Brentford Community Stadium prides itself on being a welcoming and inclusive venue for all fans, including those who support the visiting team. Away fans are allocated seating in the Northeast corner of the stadium, providing a great view of the action while maintaining separation from home supporters.

To ensure that away fans have an enjoyable experience at Gtech Community Stadium, there is ample security and stewarding throughout this area. The stewards are trained to assist visitors and prevent any potential conflict between rival supporters.

Away fans can also take advantage of several food and drink options within their designated section, which includes traditional stadium fare as well as specialty items like craft beer and vegan options.

For those traveling to the stadium by public transport or car, information on parking and transportation links can be found on the club website. Additionally, away supporters should familiarize themselves with any specific rules or regulations relating to travel arrangements or conduct within the ground before they arrive.

Brentford Football Club is committed to ensuring that all visitors feel safe and welcome at its new state-of-the-art facility.


Accessibility is a crucial aspect of any stadium, and the Gtech Community Stadium in Brentford is no exception. The stadium has been designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that it’s easy for everyone to get around.

One of the standout features of the stadium’s accessibility is its step-free access. This means that wheelchair users and those with mobility issues can move around freely without having to navigate any steps or stairs.

The seating areas have also been designed with accessibility in mind. There are designated spaces for wheelchair users throughout the stadium, as well as seats with extra legroom for those who require it.

In addition to physical accessibility, there are also facilities available for fans who may need additional support during their visit. These include accessible toilets and changing places.

Furthermore, if you require assistance during your visit to the Gtech Community Stadium, there will be trained stewards on hand to help you out. They’ll be able to provide guidance and support wherever needed.

Accessibility is a key consideration at the Gtech Community Stadium. Whether you’re attending a match or visiting another event at the venue, rest assured that every effort has been made to ensure that everyone can enjoy it safely and comfortably!


Parking at the Gtech Community Stadium is a well-organized and easy process. The stadium offers 500 parking spaces, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to this, several other nearby car parks can be used by visitors.

If you are driving to the stadium, it is important to note that traffic can get heavy on match days. To avoid any potential delays or problems finding a spot in the car park, it is recommended that you arrive early.

For those who prefer not to drive or cannot find parking at the stadium, there are plenty of public transport options available. Brentford train station and bus stops are located just a short walk from the stadium.

Disabled parking spaces are also provided for visitors with disabilities. These spaces are situated close to entrances and exit for ease of access.

Whether you choose to drive or take public transport, getting to Gtech Community Stadium is an easy and hassle-free experience. Just make sure you plan and give yourself enough time so that you can fully enjoy your visit!

Food and Drink

The Gtech Community Stadium offers a wide range of food and drink options for all fans. There are several kiosks throughout the stadium which offer burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, fries, sandwiches, and snacks. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available.

If you’re looking for something to quench your thirst during the match, there are plenty of drink options too! From soft drinks to beer and wine, there’s something for everyone. The prices are reasonable compared to other stadiums in the UK.

In conclusion (sorry!), Brentford FC’s new home is an impressive stadium that continues to attract fans from far and wide. With its state-of-the-art design features coupled with excellent accessibility provisions – it sets an example for other clubs in terms of how brand-new facilities should be built. If you haven’t visited Gtech Community Stadium yet then make sure you do as soon as possible!

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