Green Buffaloes vs Zanaco Lineup, Results Live Score 03/06/2023

Green Buffaloes vs Zanaco Lineup

Football fans, get ready for an exciting for this Zambia Super League Match Fixtures today! The two teams are set to face each other on the 3rd of June 2023 in what promises to be a thrilling encounter. Green Buffaloes vs Zanaco Starting Lineup, results live score have been discussed.

Both teams have a lot at stake as they battle it out for victory. As we gear up for this epic showdown, let’s take a closer look at the starting lineup and key players expected to grace the field.

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Match Analysis

  • Green Buffaloes and Zanaco will face off in the Super League on June 3, 2023. The last match ended with the following score: Green Buffaloes 2 – 0 Zanaco.
  • Based on the data we have, these two clubs have met 16 times in the last several seasons.
  • Green Buffaloes have won three of their previous 16 meetings, while Zanaco has won six. Seven of their previous meetings have ended in a tie.
  • Green Buffaloes are performing averagely at home, while Zanaco are performing averagely away.
  • Green Buffaloes and Zanaco had previously averaged 1.81 goals per match.
  • Green Buffaloes have averaged 1.63 points per game at home this season, while Zanaco have averaged 1 point per game away.

Green Buffaloes vs Zanaco: Starting Lineup, Results Live Score

Green Buffaloes lineup Key Players

The Green Buffaloes lineup boasts of some top-notch players who are expected to shine on the pitch.

One such player is goalkeeper Geofrey Silavwe, who has been in excellent form lately and is a key asset for the team’s defense. With his exceptional goalkeeping skills and quick reflexes, he’s sure to give Zanaco attackers a tough time.

Another player to watch out for in the Green Buffaloes lineup is midfielder Robert Musonda. As one of their most versatile players, Musonda can play both attacking as well as defensive roles with ease. He brings creativity and energy to the midfield that could prove crucial in breaking down Zanaco’s defense.

Upfront, striker Fellon Sitonya will be looking to make his mark once again. The experienced striker has already scored several goals this season and will be aiming for more against Zanaco. His pace, agility, and clinical finishing abilities make him a potent threat upfront.

The Green Buffaloes have an impressive squad that can cause problems for any opponent they face. With each player bringing unique qualities to the pitch, it’ll be exciting to see how they perform against their rivals from Lusaka!

Zanaco FC Lineup Key Players

Zanaco is a well-established football club in Zambia, and they have some key players that can make all the difference on the field.

One of their star players is Tshite Mweshi, who plays as a striker for the team. He has an impressive track record when it comes to scoring goals and will undoubtedly be one to watch during this game.

Another player to keep an eye on is Mwila Phiri Jr, who plays as a defender for Zanaco. His strong defensive skills have helped the team win many games in the past and could prove to be crucial during this match against Green Buffaloes.

In midfield, Lassa Kiala is another essential player for Zanaco. Known for his creative style of play and ability to score from long range, he will no doubt pose a threat to Green Buffaloes’ defense.

Lameck Siame deserves special mention here since he’s been instrumental in keeping many clean sheets throughout his career with Zanaco. As goalkeeper, his quick reflexes and excellent shot-stopping abilities are sure to come into play against Green Buffaloes.

These key players form an integral part of Zanaco’s lineup and bring unique talents that could help them secure victory over their opponents in this upcoming match.

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