Green Eagles vs Mutondo Stars Live Score, Lineup Preview | 19/08/2023

Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Green Eagles vs Mutondo Stars and the results Live Match Score.

The Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Preview for Green Eagles vs Mutondo Stars and updated results in the Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: At 15:00 on August 19, 2023, at Eagles Ground in Choma, the Super League match between Green Eagles and Mutondo Stars will begin.

Line-Up with Live score

Below is the Lineup preview For Green Eagles vs Mutondo Stars, as well as live score commentary and events.


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Green Eagles Lineup Key Players

The Green Eagles are a squad renowned for their excellent players and potent lineup. They have a few key players who are essential to the success of their squad.

Amity Shamende, one of the league’s top scorers, is an example of such a player. Amity has been in outstanding form this year and has already scored seven goals for the Green Eagles. He poses a serious threat to any opposing defense because of his capacity to generate opportunities and score from awkward positions.

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Gift Mwansa, a central midfielder for the Green Eagles, is another important member of the team. By virtue of his passing range and vision, he manages the middle. When necessary, he can also contribute with crucial objectives.

Sebastian Mwange, the goalie for the Green Eagles, is another noteworthy player. Because of his exceptional shot-stopping skills and imposing presence in the box, he has kept a lot of clean sheets this season.

With his physicality and aerial skills, defender Warren Kunda gives stability to the back line. In set-piece scenarios that could be dangerous, his knowledge helps the defense be well organized.


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