Trident vs Kansanshi Dynamos Live Score, Lineup Preview | 19/08/2023

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Zambia Super League Fixtures Today, lineup Preview for Trident vs Kansanshi Dynamos the results Live Match Score.

Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Preview for Trident vs Kansanshi Dynamos as well as the results updated in the Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: On August 19, 2023, at 15:00, Trident vs. Kansanshi Dynamos (Super League game) will begin in Unknown at Unknown.

Line-Up with Live score

Below is the Lineup preview For Trident vs Kansanshi Dynamos, as well as commentary, and events in live score.


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Kansanshi Dynamos FC Lineup Key Players: Preview

A squad with a long history of generating talented players is Kansanshi Dynamos FC. The success of the club depends on a number of essential individuals who are in the lineup right now.

Baba Basile, their striker, is one of their best players. He consistently poses a threat in front of goal and has repeatedly shown his clinical finishing ability. For opposing defenders, he is difficult to mark because to his speed, agility, and strength.


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Simon Bwalya, a midfielder for the Kansanshi Dynamos, brings knowledge and originality to the team. His passing range is outstanding; he can hit long balls with accuracy or locate gaps in the defense to launch assaults.

Defending player Mutale Mutale has also performed admirably this year. He’s a rock at the back, taking good positions and stepping up to the plate when necessary. His aerial skills also make him useful during set pieces from both ends.


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Kansanshi Dynamos FC’s goalkeeper Scott Mwanza increases consistency between the posts. His quick reflexes and astute judgment in one-on-one scenarios with opposing forwards inspire confidence in their defense line while thwarting any chances that come through for the goal.

These key players will be instrumental if Kansashi Dynamos FC wants secure victory over Trident in their coming match-up.

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