Kikosi Cha Simba SC Dhidi ya Al Ahly Cairo Leo 29.3.2024

Follow the starting lineup for Simba SC Dhidi ya Al Ahly Cairo (Kikosi cha LEO) in today’s CAF Champions League Quater final .

Match Info: Al Ahly Cairo is set to face Simba SC in the Quater final of the CAF Champions League on March 29. The match is scheduled to commence at 21:00 in your local time.


Kikosi cha Simba SC vs Al Ahly LEO

Key Players Preview

  1. John Bocco: A prolific striker, Bocco has been a key figure for Simba SC. Known for his goal-scoring abilities and leadership on the field, he has been a crucial player in the team’s success.
  2. Clatous Chama: Chama is a midfielder known for his creativity and playmaking skills. He has been instrumental in providing assists and dictating the tempo of the game for Simba SC.
  3. Luis Miquissone: Miquissone is a winger with pace and skill. He has the ability to change games with his dribbling and crossing, often providing an attacking threat down the flanks for Simba SC.
  4. Larry Bwalya: Bwalya is a versatile midfielder who can contribute both defensively and offensively. He has been known to control the midfield and provide defensive cover while also contributing to the attack when needed.
  5. Joash Onyango: Onyango is a solid defender who provides stability at the back for Simba SC. His presence in the defense has been crucial in keeping clean sheets and thwarting opposition attacks.
  6. Mohammed Hussein “Tshabalala”: Tshabalala is a left-back known for his defensive prowess and ability to contribute to the attack with overlapping runs. He has been a consistent performer for Simba SC in the defensive line.
  7. Gadiel Michael: Michael is a young midfielder with a bright future. He possesses good passing ability and vision, and he has been gradually establishing himself as a key player for Simba SC.

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Predicted Kikosi cha Simba SC dhidi ya Al Ahly

  • Aishi Manula
  • Shomari Kapombe
  • Mohammed Hussein
  • Israel Mwenda
  • Mohamed Hussein
  • Sadio Kanoute
  • Clatous Chama
  • Fabrice Ngoma
  • Said Ntibazonkiza
  • John Bocco
  • Micquissone


Al Ahly Lineup Key Players

  1. Mohamed El Shenawy (Goalkeeper): El Shenawy is one of the key figures in goal for Al Ahly. Known for his excellent shot-stopping abilities and leadership on the field, he has been a vital presence for the team.
  2. Ali Maâloul (Left-Back): Maâloul, a Tunisian international, is a dynamic left-back known for his attacking prowess and defensive solidity. He contributes both defensively and offensively, providing crucial support in both aspects of the game.
  3. Mohamed Hany (Right-Back): Hany is an energetic right-back known for his pace, defensive work rate, and ability to contribute to attacking plays with well-timed runs and crosses from the flank.
  4. Amr El-Sulya (Midfielder): El-Sulya is a versatile midfielder who can operate in various roles across the midfield. He’s known for his passing range, vision, and ability to control the tempo of the game.
  5. Hussein El Shahat (Attacking Midfielder/Winger): El Shahat is an attacking midfielder or winger known for his dribbling skills, creativity, and goal-scoring ability. He often serves as a key playmaker for Al Ahly, creating chances and scoring goals.
  6. Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” (Midfielder): Afsha is a talented midfielder known for his technical ability, vision, and knack for scoring goals from midfield. He often dictates play in the middle of the park and contributes significantly to both attack and defense.
  7. Mohamed Sherif (Forward): Sherif is a striker known for his clinical finishing and ability to find space in the box. He’s often a key figure in Al Ahly’s attacking setup, providing a goal-scoring threat in crucial moments.

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Predicted lineup for Al Ahly

  • Mohamed El Shenawy
  •  Khaled Abdelfattah
  • Yasser Ibrahim
  • Omar Kamal
  • Ali Maâlou
  •  Ahmed Abdelkader
  • Afsha
  • Amr Al Sulaya
  • Hussein El Shahat
  • Emam Ashour
  • Mahmoud Kahraba


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