Lineup For New England vs DC United: Live Score Jul 16 2023

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On this sports page, you can follow the Starting Lineup For New England vs DC United along with results updated in Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: Major League Soccer match between Portland Timbers and Columbus Crew will begin at 05:30 on July 16, 2023, at Providence Park in Portland.

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New England – DC United: Preview

The last three seasons saw 53 meetings between New England and DC United. Of those meetings, New England won 24 games while DC United took home 17 victories. Twelve of the games were draws.

In the head-to-head matches, New England scored 74 goals while DC United managed to score 75. New England leads all head-to-head contests with 24 victories, while DC United has only claimed 17 victories.

If we examine recent encounters between New England and DC United, New England has a 4-1 advantage in the straight encounters.

In their prior games, New England defeated Cincinnati once, won three times (Inter Miami, Orlando City, and Toronto), and lost once (together with New York RB). New England was able to score 6 goals while giving up 12 (6–12).

In the current league season, New England has averaged 1.71 goals per game. The home team committed an average of 10.76 fouls per game, totaling 29 yellow cards and 2 red cards for the club. The team rating for New England is 6.75 on average per game.

With an average possession percentage of 48.86% this season, New England inexplicably struggles to maintain possession of the ball.

In their last five games, DC United has won twice (against Cincinnati and Dallas), lost twice (against Real Salt Lake and Nashville SC), and drawn once (against Inter Miami). The club scored 5 goals while giving up 8 goals (5-8).

DC United averaged 1.39 goals per game and 1.3 goals against when playing away. While 318 fouls were committed, the team was given 51 yellow and one red card. The team rating for DC United is 6.7 on average.

DC United has a poor total possession average of 49.87% this season.


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