Lineup For Seattle Sounders vs Dallas: Live Score Jul 16 2023

On this sports page, you can follow the Starting Lineup For Seattle Sounders vs Dallas along with results updated in Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: Major League Soccer match between Portland Timbers and Columbus Crew will begin at 05:30 on July 16, 2023, at Providence Park in Portland.

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Seattle Sounders – Dallas: Preview

Dallas and Seattle Sounders have played each other 38 times in the previous seasons, with Dallas winning 10 games and Seattle Sounders winning 18. Ten of the games ended in draws.

In head-to-head matches, Seattle Sounders scored 58 goals while Dallas only managed to score 40. Seattle Sounders holds the overall advantage in head-to-head games with 18 victories, while Dallas only managed 10 victories.

When comparing recent encounters between Seattle Sounders and Dallas, Seattle Sounders has a 3-1 advantage in the straight encounters.

In their prior games, the Seattle Sounders defeated Houston Dynamo and Vancouver Whitecaps twice, lost to Los Angeles FC once, and drew twice with Charlotte and Orlando City. Seattle Sounders were able to score 6 goals while giving up 7 goals (a score of 6-7).

In the current league season, Seattle Sounders averaged 1.27 goals per game. The home team committed an average of 10.14 fouls per game, totaling 42 yellow cards and one red card for the squad. The Seattle Sounders’ team rating is 6.75 on average per game.

Seattle Sounders appears to be adept at maintaining the ball, as seen by their season-average possession percentage of 56.27%.

Dallas comes into this game with a recent record of 1-5, with 1 win (Los Angeles FC), 4 losses (Portland Timbers, Austin, DC United, Colorado Rapids), and 0 draws. The club managed to score two goals while giving up eight (2-8).

Dallas averaged 1.09 goals per game and 1.14 goals against when playing away. There were 235 fouls committed in all, and the team was given 42 yellow and one red card. Dallas averages a 6.69 team rating per game.

Dallas has a poor overall season average of 48.45% in terms of ball possession.


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