Prison Leopards vs Power Dynamos Live Score, Lineup Preview | 30/08/2023

Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Preview for Prison Leopards vs Power Dynamos and the results in Live Match Score.

The Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Preview for Prison Leopards vs Power Dynamos and the results updated in the Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: At 15:00 on August 30, 2023, in Unknown at Unknown, the Super League match between Prison Leopards and Power Dynamos will begin.

Line-Up with Live score

Below is the Lineup preview For Prison Leopards vs Power Dynamos, as well as live score commentary and events.


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Prison Leopards Lineup Key Players

The Prison Leopards are known for their fierce and relentless style of play, which has earned them a solid reputation in Zambian football circles. As they take on Power Dynamos, the team will be looking to showcase their top performers and secure a hard-fought victory.

Leading the charge for the Prison Leopards is striker Chongo Mulenga, who boasts an impressive scoring record that has helped propel his team to success many times before. His speed, agility, and precision make him one of the most formidable players on the pitch.

Joining Chongo up front is midfielder Augustie Henneh, whose creative flair and superb passing skills have made him a key player in the team’s attacking strategies. With his ability to control possession and set up scoring opportunities for his teammates, Henneh is sure to be one to watch during this exciting match-up.

On defense, center-back Peter J. Banda stands out as a stalwart defender with impeccable timing and anticipation. He’s adept at intercepting passes from opposing teams while also providing crucial support for his own attacking players.

Together with these standout individuals and other talented members of their lineup like goalkeeper Jeff Lungu, defenders Freddy Musinde and Zephania Phiri among others; The Prison Leopards will surely put up a strong fight against Power Dynamos come game day!

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Power Dynamos Starting lineup Key Players

Power Dynamos is a football club that has been in the game for quite some time now. They have established themselves as one of the powerhouses in Zambian football, and they owe much of their success to their strong team lineup. Here are some of the key players who will be at the forefront when Power Dynamos takes on Prison Leopards.

Firstly, there’s Mukuka Mulenga, a midfielder who is known for his exceptional passing skills and ability to control games. He is also an excellent set-piece taker, which makes him a valuable asset to any team he plays for.

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Another player worth mentioning is Thomas Chideu, a striker from Zimbabwe with an eye for goal. He has proven himself time and again by scoring crucial goals when it matters most. His speed and dribbling skills make him difficult to mark, which could give Power Dynamos an edge over Prison Leopards.

Let’s not forget about Govenda Simwala – commonly loved by fans due to his solid defending skills. He reads the game well and can quickly shut down opposition attacks before they even begin.

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Prison Leopards vs Power Dynamos H2H Records

Only six times in recent history have Prison Leopards and Power Dynamos faced off, with Power Dynamos winning three games to Prison Leopards’ one. A couple of the games were draws.

In head-to-head matches, Power Dynamos managed to score 6 goals compared to Prison Leopards’ 2 goals.

With 3 victories to Prison Leopards’ 1, Power Dynamos appears to be in the lead in their straight encounters.

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Prison Leopards vs Power Dynamos Preview

Prior to this match, Prison Leopards played 3 games, winning 1 (Nkwazi), losing 2 (Green Eagles, Power Dynamos), and having 2 games end in draws (Lumwana Radiants, NAPSA Stars). Prison Leopards managed to score three goals while giving up six (a score of 3-6).

With an average possession percentage of TBA% this season, Prison Leopards apparently lack the ability to maintain possession of the ball.

Power Dynamos enters this match having won three of their previous five games (against Nkana, Forest Rangers, and Prison Leopards), lost one (to Red Arrows), and had one match against Nchanga Rangers end in a draw. The team scored three goals while giving up three to ten goals.


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