Nkana vs Red Arrows Live Score, Lineup Preview | 19/08/2023

Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Preview for Nkana vs Red Arrows and the results updated in the Live Match Score.

The Zambia Super League Fixtures Today page features the lineup Preview for Nkana vs Red Arrows and the results updated in the Live Match Score.

Info About the Match: In Kitwe, at Nkana Stadium, the Super League match between Nkana and Red Arrows will begin on August 19, 2023, at 15:00.

Line-Up with Live score

Below is the Lineup preview For Nkana vs Red Arrows, as well as live score commentary and events.


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Lineups Preview

Key Players to Watch in Nkana FC Line-Up: Preview

Nkana FC has a talented lineup of players who will be looking to make their mark in the upcoming match against Red Arrows.

First on the list is Gloire Bakafwa, the striker who has been in great form lately. He possesses both speed and strength, making him a threat to any defense.

In midfield, Moussa Riguene Lemisa stands out as one of Nkana’s key players. Known for his vision and creativity on the ball, he can create chances out of nothing and is often involved in scoring opportunities.

Another player to watch out for is Diamond Chikwekwe, a versatile winger with an eye for goal. His pace and dribbling skills make him difficult to defend against, and he always seems to find himself in dangerous positions.

At the backline, Innocent Ngosa provides much-needed experience and leadership. As a fullback of Nkana FC, he organizes his team well defensively while also contributing offensively through set-pieces.

Nkana FC boasts a strong squad of players ready to take on Red Arrows and secure another victory this season!

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Red Arrows lineup Key Players: Preview

The Red Arrows have some incredibly talented players in their lineup, each of whom brings something unique to the game.

One key player to watch out for is striker Ricky Banda, who has a reputation for scoring crucial goals when it matters most. With his lightning-fast speed and impressive ball control skills, he’s sure to keep the Nkana FC defense on their toes.

Another standout player for the Red Arrows is midfielder Edward Tembo, who is known for his incredible vision and passing abilities. He has an uncanny ability to read the game and set up his teammates with pinpoint accuracy, making him a vital asset in any match.

Defensively, the Red Arrows will be relying heavily on center-back Prosper Chiluya, to keep things under control at the back. His height and physicality make him a dominant force in aerial duels, while his composure under pressure helps calm down any potential defensive lapses.

Lastly but not leastly, goalie Kenny Mumba, is another key player who could prove pivotal in this matchup. As one of the more experienced members of the team, he knows how to stay cool under pressure and pull off some truly remarkable saves when called upon.

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Nkana vs Red Arrows H2H History

With 29 meetings throughout the previous seasons, Nkana and Red Arrows have a rather strong head-to-head record, with Nkana winning 11 and Red Arrows winning 9. Nine of the games were draws.

In the head-to-head contests, Nkana scored 34 goals while Red Arrows only managed to score 33. Nkana has a total of 11 victories in the head-to-head matches whereas Red Arrows only have 9.

If we examine the most recent encounters between Nkana and Red Arrows, Nkana has a 3-1 advantage in the straight encounters.

Match Preview

Nkana played in previous matches, winning twice (NAPSA Stars, Kansanshi Dynamos), losing three times (Green Eagles, Power Dynamos, ZESCO United), and there were no draws. Nkana was only able to score 1 goal while giving up 6 goals (1-6).

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FC Nkana has had an average possession percentage of TBA% this season, indicating some sort of retention problem.

In their last five games, Red Arrows have played one win (against Power Dynamos), one loss (against Man Utd Zambia Academy), and three draws (against Nkwazi, Lumwana Radiants, and Green Eagles). The club scored nine goals while giving up ten (9-10) goals.


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